First Line Friday–The Innkeeper’s Daughter

Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books.

Today’s quote is from a NetGalley e-galley and may not be the final version of the first line.


Michelle Griep‘s previous novel, The Captive Heart, was one of my favorite Historical Romance reads last year, so I have been looking forward to reading The Innkeeper’s Daughter (Shiloh Run Press, March 1, 2018) and her upcoming novel in Barbour Books’ multi-author Daughters of the Mayflower series. Here is the first line of The Innkeeper’s Daughter: Continue reading


The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber

theevaporationofsofisnow_weber_thnelsonThe minute I read that Mary Weber had written a science fiction novel, and then again when I first saw the title, I was anxious to read it.  Then, when I finally had a copy and started it, I just wasn’t into it.  Especially when the second (third person) point of view character, Miguel, was introduced. Continue reading

Beneath the Summer Sun by Kelly Irvin (review)

beneaththesummersun_irvin_zondervanOnce in a while a book comes along that surprises me that I finish it with a smile and an “awwww.”  Surprising in this case because this is a story with characters in their late thirties involved in a bit of a love triangle.

Guilt married relief.  He was gone.

No one knew her guilty secret.  But God knew.  God knew because He let it happen. (p.7)

Continue reading

First Line Friday–Guard Your Heart

Welcome to a Special Edition of First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books!

Today’s quote is from a NetGalley e-galley and may not be the final version of the first line.


We have a theme!  This week we have the option of posting the first line from a book that involves “hearts, love, romance, dating, matchmaking, reds, pinks, etc.”   Today I’m sharing from an upcoming novella collection from Barbour, Seven Brides For Seven Texans, that is full of broken hearts, hardened hearts, mended hearts, love, romance, and a bit of matchmaking, all in some very adventurous circumstances.  Eric Vetsch wrote the final of the seven novellas, Guard Your Heart.  Here’s the first line: Continue reading

The Island Keeper by Harry Mazer

Do you have one of those books? You know the one I mean…the one you can’t remember the author of but the story never quite leaves your mind?  Maybe you even remember the artwork from the cover, but the title still eludes you?  The Island Keeper is, or more correctly now, was one of those books for me.  It is now one of just a few that I’ve been able to identify again, and luckily my library still had a vintage 1981 copy.

theislandkeeper_mazerWhen I read it as a young teenager (pretty sure I read a school library copy in 1982 – I was a TA and often got the first check out of new books), I saw some problems with it.  Though I didn’t have these specific terms for what I saw in my reading back then, Continue reading

Perennials by Julie Cantrell (review)

perennials_cantrell_thnelsonPerennials is a novel that begins with a lie that colors Lovey (Eva) Sutherland’s life from childhood.  It is also a novel about romantic and familial love, rivalry, loss, and grief.  It is about coming to terms with the past and moving forward.  In a way, it is 45-year-old Lovey’s coming of age story.

Told from Lovey’s point of view, weaving in scenes of the past that inform the present, we meet those most important to her life and see how she came to be the not-so-secretly broken person she now is, partly as a result of their sometimes devastating actions.   Continue reading