First Line Friday: Old West Christmas Brides

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Today’s featured quote is taken from a digital galley read through NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher, and may not reflect the finished, published work.


It’s a “holiday grab bag” themed First Line Friday!

Christmas novellas are one of my favorite things to read as the holiday season approaches, and I particularly enjoy those that are historical fiction.  So when Barbour Books (they of the fabulous novella collections) added a new Christmas themed Historical Inspirational Romance novella collection, I hit that “request” button on NetGalley with a quickness.

Old West Christmas Brides: 6 Historical Romances Celebrate Christmas on the Frontier is a collection that gathers together previously published novellas by Margaret Brownley, Rosey Dow, Darlene Franklin, Marcia Gruver, Vickie McDonough, and Debra Ullrich.  I’m currently three novellas in and loving it.

Here is the first line from the first novella, A Pony Express Christmas by Margaret Brownley:

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Imagine…The Fall of Jericho by Matt Koceich (review)

jericho_koceich_barbour copyJake Henry wakes from an outdoor nap and finds that, instead of being the odd boy out at a North Carolina summer camp, he is in 1400 b.c. Jericho.  Quickly befriended by a local boy, Dair, and an old man named Levi, Jake is looking down from the walls of the city when the Israelites appear on the plains below for their first march around the city. Continue reading

First Line Friday: Her Fear

Welcome to First Line Friday,

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I still consider myself to be new to Amish Fiction, though it has been nearly two years since I first gave it a try.  But even early on, I knew that Shelley Shepard Gray’s The Amish of Hart County stood out as a favorite in the sub-genre mash-up that I quickly began to think of as Amish Romantic Suspense.  So I eagerly await each new book, though I’ve fallen a bit behind and it was only in this past week that I reviewed book 4, His Risk.  

With the sixth book due out in early October, I was so pleased to have my e-book hold come in at the library.  Her Fear by Shelley Shepard Gray will see danger stalking a pregnant, unmarried Amish girl, heaping bad upon worse for her.  Luckily she’ll have a certain Amish EMT by her side.

There will be peril, faith tested, and a bit of sweet romance.  Here is the first line:

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Sadie: An Amish Retelling of Snow White by Sarah Price (review)

sadie_price_zebraEver since reading the digital galley of Ella, Sarah Price’s Amish retelling of Cinderella, through NetGalley, I’ve been waiting eagerly for Sadie.  As much as I enjoyed Ella, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, I enjoyed Sadie even more.

The well known elements of Snow White are here, though transformed in ways that will surprise and delight, leaving no doubt of the author’s talent or that Snow White was a perfect choice for an Amish retelling.   Continue reading

Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey (review)

notherdaughter_frey_stmartinsWhat makes a good parent? Can a kidnapping be justified?  These are some of the questions raised by Rea Frey in her debut suspense novel, Not Her Daughter.  

This is a book that caught my attention, first with the cover and title on the author’s Instagram (@reafrey) and then with the premise.  It was the writing that kept me reading, wanting to discover how the story would unfold, and the skill of the writer that kept me wavering between opinions.   Continue reading