Guest Post (+ Giveaway link): Lord of Her Heart author Sherrinda Ketchersid on Balancing Historical Accuracy with Modern Sensibilities


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Title: Lord of Her Heart
Sherrinda Ketchersid
Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Release Date:
May 14, 2019
Genre: Inspirational Historical Romance

He’s fighting for his future—she’s running for her life.

Lady Jocelyn Ashburne suspects something is amiss at her family’s castle because her father ceases to write to her. When she overhears a plot to force her into vows—either to the church or a husband—she disguises herself and flees the convent in desperation to discover the truth.

Malcolm Castillon of Berkham is determined to win the next tournament and be granted a manor of his own. After years of proving his worth on the jousting field, he yearns for a life of peace. Rescuing a scrawny lad who turns out to be a beautiful woman is not what he bargained for. Still, he cannot deny that she stirs his heart like no other, in spite of her conniving ways.

Chaos, deception, and treachery threaten their goals, but both are determined to succeed. Learning to trust each other might be the only way either of them survives.

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Sherrinda Ketchersid is a lover of stories with happily-ever-after endings. Whether set in the past or present, romance is what she writes and where her dreams reside. Sherrinda lives in north-central Texas with her preacher husband. With four grown children, three guys and a gal, she has more time and energy to spin tales of faith, fun, and forever love.

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Balancing historical accuracy with modern sensibilities is tricky while writing a romance book set in the Middle Ages. People today are basically the same as those in medieval times when it comes to love and friendship, a desire for a family, and to live a good life; but because of culture we differ in many things, especially in how we think, speak, and act. An author has to be careful and walk a fine line between portraying what is historically correct and what engages readers.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean. In today’s society, women have a voice and opportunities for advancement in work. In medieval times, most women had no say in matters of state or their choice of a husband. While today women can marry whoever they please, women in the Middle Ages had arranged marriages and sometimes never met the groom before the ceremony. Many times women were given in marriage at a very young age—the age of 12 for girls. Today’s reader does not want to read about a 12 (or even 16) year old girl getting married, so an author must take liberties to make their heroines a more palatable age.

Another example would be in the area of hygiene. Today we take showers daily, but in the past that was not the case. Heating water for a tub bath took much time and energy, so baths were not taken as often. I will insert here that it is a misconception that people never took baths or brushed their teeth. In my research, I found that people did not like to stink and would wash with water from a basin. The Romans even had bath houses, so baths were not something that was foreign to those in the medieval era. This was helpful to learn, because readers do not want to think of the hero smelling foul while embracing his love.

One last example is that of speech. If authors were historically correct in the dialect and speech patterns of the Middle Ages, no one would be able to understand the story. So we sprinkle in words to give the flavor of the era. In Lord of Her Heart, I use words like ’tis and ‘twas. It’s enough to pepper the dialogue with an archaic feel, yet is still understandable.

I enjoy learning about the past—the differences of our lives, as well as the similarities we share. It is a joy to spin a tale that not only entertains, but educates others in past cultures. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the challenges of reading historical fiction and some of the more disturbing aspects of the past.


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Amish Covert Operation by Meghan Carver (review)

Amish Covert Operation CoverPatience may be a virtue, but he didn’t have time to wait.  The sooner justice could be administered, the better. (p.41)

There are certain elements that ensure enjoyment of suspense novels: a tight plot, eminent and believable peril, and main characters you can root for.  When it is an Amish suspense novel, there are additional factors in play that increase the size and number of boxes the story must tick.

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First Line Friday: Echoes of War

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Today’s featured quote is taken from an Advance Reading Copy and may differ from the published text.


When Smith Publicity offered to send me an Advance Reading Copy of Echoes of War by Cheryl Campbell to feature on my Instagram account, I wanted to jump at the chance but first made myself stop and verify it wasn’t a must-read-in-order mid-series book.  It isn’t.

Echoes of War is the first in the Echoes trilogy and part of what has me intrigued is that it is sci-fi set in Maine.  Somehow that just seems so unexpected, and I’m looking forward to reading my first Maine sci-fi.

Here’s the synopsis that drew me in:

Decades of war started by a genocidal faction of aliens threatens the existence of any human or alien resisting their rule on Earth. Dani survives by scavenging enough supplies to live another day while avoiding the local military and human-hunting Wardens. But then she learns that she is part of the nearly immortal alien race of Echoes—not the human she’s always thought herself to be—and suddenly nothing in her life seems certain.

Following her discovery of her alien roots, Dani risks her well-being to save a boy from becoming a slave—a move that only serves to make her already-tenuous existence on the fringes of society in Maine even more unstable, and which forces her to revisit events and people from past lives she can’t remember. Dani believes the only way to defeat the Wardens and end their dominance is to unite the Commonwealth’s military and civilians, and she becomes resolved to play her part in this battle. Her attempts to change the bleak future facing the humans and Echoes living on Earth suffering under the Wardens will lead her to clash with a tyrant determined to kill her and all humankind—a confrontation that even her near-immortal heritage may not be able to help her survive.

And here is the cover that nearly had me saying yes the moment I saw it, along with the first lines and (because this particular Friday is my birthday) page 52:

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First Line Friday: The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken (review)

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True Colors is a multi-author series from Barbour Books that weaves true crime into historical fiction filled with danger and a bit of romance.  The third book in the series, The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken, begins with a nightmare inducing scene and the tension does not let up from there.

The hazards of working in a mill, the dangers of being a female mill worker, the greed and villainy of grave robbers, and the struggles that Josephine and Braham go through all meld into an engrossing story.  With personable characters and just the right touches of faith and romance to soften the horrors of the crimes involved, Angie Dicken has crafted a story that brings the past to life and sweeps the reader along through Josephine’s travails and triumphs.

If you haven’t yet tried the True Colors series of stand-alone novels, The Yellow Lantern is a fine place to start. Here is the description:

Forced to Spy for Grave Robbers

True Colors – Fiction Based on Strange-But-True History

In 1824, Josephine Clayton is considered dead by everyone in her Massachusetts village—especially the doctor she has assisted for several months. Yet, she is still very much alive.

After the doctor’s illegal dealing with his body snatcher to obtain her body, Josephine awakens, positioned as the next corpse for his research. To cover up his crime, the doctor tries to kill her, but Josephine begs to be spared. They strike a deal—Josephine will leave her village and work at a distant cotton mill. All the while, she’ll await her true mission—posing as a mourner to help the body snatcher procure her replacement.

At the mill though, Josephine is praised for her medical remedies among the other female workers, gaining attention from the handsome factory manager, Braham Taylor. Yet, when Braham’s own loved one becomes the prey for the next grave robbing, Josie must make a choice that could put her dark past behind her or steal away the promise of any future at all.

What price will Josie pay for love when her secrets begin to unravel?

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And here is the first line:

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Clear Confusion by Kathy M. Howard — excerpt — giveaway

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Title: Clear Confusion
Kathy M. Howard
Publisher: Ambassador International
Release Date:
July 1, 2019
Genre: Inspirational Suspense/Thriller

What am I going to do, God? Who am I?

Charlotte Hallaway needs to come to terms with her father’s death. He had been her only family, and she wasn’t handling her grief well. It was just supposed to be a few weeks of peace and quiet to process it all, but then she saw them-a drug deal and a murder within seconds of each other.

And they saw her.

Now running for her life, Charlotte boards a bus to escape her pursuers and wakes up the next morning in the woods of Jennings, Georgia, without a memory of how she got there or of who she is. All she knows is an underlying fear she can’t seem to shake.

When two hunters find her battered and scared, can she put aside the clear confusion she’s experiencing to trust them? She wants to trust them, especially Nicholas, but fear is holding her back. Trust is incredibly hard when one is so clearly confused. Could it be he and his friend are not who they claim to be?

Who are they really . . . and who is she?

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Kathy M. Howard resides in south Georgia with her husband and two children. She has been involved in some form of education since 1998 as an elementary school teacher, a private school principal, and presently as a homeschooling mom. As a child, she despised reading, dreading every assignment the subject gave. As an adult, Kathy finally learned to appreciate the written word, so much so that she is rarely seen without her nose in a book.

She loves the Lord and wants to share Jesus where she can, using words written and spoken. By God’s goodness and with the support and love of her family, she has written two novels, From Dishes to Snow (October, 2014), and its sequel, From Driftwood to Sapphire (August, 2015).

CONNECT WITH KATHY: Website | Facebook | Twitter


5:30 a.m.

The woman awoke to the sound of wind dancing rather loudly through the treetops and a strange sense of fear. Underneath her, a cool, hard ground gave off a scent of wet mud, causing her nostrils to crinkle.

Inside, her head pounded with her heartbeat. She squeezed her eyes shut, giving herself a minute. It didn’t do much good. Her mind was too fuzzy to successfully decipher her bearings. Somehow an internal fog blocked her ability to reason.

God, where am I?

Although she heard evidence of early morning hours, it was dark, practically pitch black. Nothing visible beyond a few feet, and even that was blurry. Another gust of wind blew, bringing a breeze across her left cheek. A few goose bumps appeared. The other side of her face, shielded from the gust, remained impressed in dried mud. Although it was hard, it felt icky pasted against her skin. She tried to gently pull herself out of the crusted grime but found the movement harder than she’d expected.

The muscles in her arms and legs were sore—really sore. But why? She sat up tenderly, placing a hand on her forehead. The effort to lift her body proved difficult. Carefully and ever so slowly, she stood the rest of the way. With one hand steadying her head and the other out­stretched, she inched her feet forward, searching for something sturdy.

Why do I have on only one shoe? Where is my other shoe?


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