First Line Friday: Code Name: Lise

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Today’s featured quote is from an Advance Uncorrected Proof won on GoodReads and may differ from the final text.


I started writing this First Line Friday post about Code Name: Lise : The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated Spy by Larry Loftis and, several paragraphs later, decided to take what was essentially a review and just go ahead and post it as my review.

So, rather than make you wade through it to get to the first lines (notice the plural – I think you’ll see why I chose to share the whole first paragraph from Chapter 1), here they are: Continue reading


Code Name: Lise : The True Story of the Spy Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated Woman by Larry Loftis (review)

codenamelise_loftis_gallerybooksShortly after beginning to read Code Name: Lise by Larry Loftis, I had to stop and double check that this was intended to be non-fiction.  The writing was engaging, the story briskly paced, and even when giving brief back story of a new individual or situation, there was a consistent narrative thread.  And that feeling continued for much of the book, even through the torture Odette Sansom, code name Lise, endured at the hands of the SS. Continue reading

Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer (review)

whyshootabutler_heyer_sourcebooksYou should always beware of alibis… (p.214)

The ‘rudest man in London,’ barrister Frank Amberley, turns amateur detective after happening upon a murder victim while taking a supposed short cut to his Aunt and Uncle’s country house near Upper Nettlefield.  And though it is the local constabulary that requests his assistance, he hasn’t told them everything he knows. Continue reading

His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray (review)

hispromise_gray_avoninspire.jpgIn her sixth Amish of Hart County novel, Shelley Shepard Gray treats readers to a second Christmas themed novel.  In this instance, the promise of the title is tied to God’s promise as well as John Michael Miller’s promise to look after Grace King when a rash of local fires linked to home robberies threaten her during a dog-sitting job over the holidays. Continue reading

Old West Christmas Brides: 6 Historical Romances Celebrate Christmas on the Frontier (novella collection review)

oldwestchristmasbrides_barbourI enjoyed each story in this collection, whether from tried and true writers Margaret Brownley, Darlene Franklin, and Vickie McDonough, or those that are new or newer to me, Rosey Dow, Marcia Gruver, and Debra Ullrick.

These are stories of faith, perseverance, survival, and ultimately of love. Whenever the mood strikes for historical fiction set in the old west, with a Christmas theme, this is a great choice.  Though a story or two may seem to drag slightly from time to time, this is a collection full of determined heroines, eligible heroes, and wonderful secondary characters who help them Continue reading

First Line Friday: Mrs. Tim of the Regiment

Welcome to First Line Friday,

hosted by Hoarding Books.


I first discovered my love of middle-brow fiction through a library e-book of D.E. (Dorothy Emily) Stevenson’s Miss Buncle’s Book, and have been wanting to read her Mrs. Tim Christie series ever since.  Based on the author’s own diaries as an Army wife and first published in 1932, Hester’s diary promises to be interesting and amusing.

I’m 2 days in and already that promise is bearing fruit.

I’ll be reading this first Mrs. Tim book, which begins in January and ends in June, slowly over the course of the month, so I couldn’t resist sharing her first January line for this first First Line Friday of the year.  Here it is: Continue reading