Undaunted Hope by Jody Hedlund (review)

undauntedhope_hedlund_bethanyhouseI cannot manage to put my finger on a precise reason that I don’t fully enjoy this series.  Midway through the second book, which I was reading only to continue a series I had started, I resolved not to continue the series but then was intrigued by the thought of Tessa as a protagonist.  I do enjoy a redemption story line, and Tessa had a bit of redeeming to do with her ruined reputation. Continue reading


Cherished Mercy by Tracie Peterson (review)

cherishedmercy_peterson_bethanyhouseThis final entry to Tracie Peterson’s Heart of the Frontier trilogy focuses on the youngest of the Flanagan sisters, Mercy, as she journeys to help a family friend through a difficult pregnancy.

Having survived being a hostage following the Whitman Massacre when she was twelve, the decision to join Eletta and Isaac Browning at their mission in the Rogue River valley is not made easily.  Mercy and her family are justified in their fears as conflicts between whites and the local tribes are escalating, and this becomes one of the central focuses of the story.   Continue reading

Zaya & NetGalley November

zaya_netgalleyZaya was the first graphic novel e-galley I ever requested on NetGalley, and I believe it was in the Read Now section at the time.  This was not long after I had first signed up and had received nothing but rejections, so I was excited to find something I could just download and read.  These Read Now books would get me started on having a feedback percentage, one of the things that NetGalley says publishers look at (the current feedback ratio Continue reading

Over Maya Dead Body by Sandra Orchard (review)

overmayadeadbody_orchard_revell.jpgMurder hits close to home for Serena in the final Serena Jones Mystery, as a man she grew up thinking of as an uncle is murdered near his Martha’s Vineyard home and she quickly learns that he may have been silenced for his knowledge of antiquities smuggling.

Every one is suspect, much to Serena’s dismay, as she finds herself considering possible motives of friends and family.  But she isn’t on her own Continue reading