A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder by Dianne Freeman (review)

Book cover: A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder by Dianne Freeman

A perfect melding of Historical Romance and Cozy Mystery is to be found in the smartly titled and cheerily (well, mostly) written first-in-series book, A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder.

Widow of a philandering Duke, Frances Wynn is just tasting a bit of independence after setting up house in London with her young daughter Rose. But sponsoring her younger sister Lily, fresh from America, for a London season is complicated by suitors who may all be fortune hunters, and one of whom may also be up to no good.

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A Life Once Dreamed by Rachel Fordham (review)

Book Cover: A Life Once Dreamed by Rachel Fordham

Second chance romance with long held secrets and social divides set in a rugged frontier town, with childhood sweethearts who have grown and changed, facing new challenges together – not the least of which is how to navigate their once close relationship – is served up with warmth and charm in Rachel Fordham’s A Life Once Dreamed.

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Courting Calamity: 4 Historical Stories by Amanda Barratt, Gabrielle Meyer, Jennifer Uhlarik, Kathleen Y’Barbo

Heroes Needed for Four Damsels in Distress
Despite determination to be strong and independent, four women of bygone days are in need of a hero.

Book cover: Courting Calamity

With four talented authors, I couldn’t resist adding this novella collection to my NetGalley shelf and I enjoyed each of the stories. I’ve been having a bit of fun over on Instagram by posting a brief review of each of the four novellas in Courting Calamity as I finish reading each one. Instead of sticking to my usual blog post structure and writing a more formal review, here I’ll be sharing the rest of the book description as well as my Instagram reviews with a quote or two thrown in for good measure.

First up is Lady and the Tramps by Jennifer Uhlarik:

Lord, help me keep my focus. I’ve got to find the train robbers and return the money. I can’t afford to get distracted.

Only he was distracted–by a handsome specimen of a woman and her eight sweet kids.

And for heaven’s sake, he liked it.

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Multiverse by Robert Mercer Nairne (excerpt)

I always enjoying being able to share a book excerpt, and I also like to support local authors when I can (though in this case, the author is formerly local to Seattle). Today’s selection is courtesy of Smith Publicity, for the blog tour they are hosting with Miracle, and it features some interesting character names along with storyline developments that are both plausible and somehow familiar.

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Promise Season by Lee Evie (review + giveaway link)

Promise Season
by Lee Evie

Publication Date: November 26, 2019
Interstice Press
Paperback & eBook; 294 pages

Series: Promise Season, Book One
Genre: Historical Fiction

A slave. A spy. A promise.

Joseon Dynasty, Korea: A humid summer storm rages across the Pavilion, the greatest entertainment house in the sprawling city of Hanyang. Within its stifling walls a gisaeng slave girl hides a fugitive in her bed, unexpectedly saving the life of a young man who is not all he seems.

Immediately Seorin is thrust into a razor-edged world of conspiracy and spies, doomed rebellion and murky intrigue. For the first time in years, she glimpses an opportunity for change.

Yet it is not her freedom Seorin so desperately desires, but something far more precious. She will risk anything, even death, to gain it.

A dark and romantic historical adventure set in old Korea.

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These Nameless Things by Shawn Smucker (review)

In a village in the shadow of a mountain that boasts a warning sign straight out of Dante’s Inferno, a small group of traumatized people are waiting with no memory of their lives before the horror that each has escaped from across that mountain. As the story unfolds and memories begin to return, this mystery thriller holds the reader on that uneasy line between suspecting and knowing.

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Dawn Empress by Faith L. Justice (review)

Dawn Empress
by Faith L. Justice

Publication Date: May 15, 2020

Raggedy Moon Books

Series: The Theodosian Women, Book 2

Genre: Historical Fiction


As Rome reels under barbarian assaults, a young girl must step up…

After the Emperor’s unexpected death, ambitious men eye the Eastern Roman throne occupied by seven-year-old Theodosius II. His older sister Princess Pulcheria faces a stark choice: she must find allies and take control of the Eastern court or doom the imperial children to a life of obscurity–or worse! Beloved by the people and respected by the Church, Pulcheria forges her own path to power. Can her piety and steely will protect her brother from military assassins, heretic bishops, scheming eunuchs and–most insidious of all–a beautiful, intelligent bride? Or will she lose all in the trying?

Dawn Empress tells Pulcheria’s little-known and remarkable story. Her accomplishments rival those of Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great as she sets the stage for the dawn of the Byzantine Empire. Continue reading “Dawn Empress by Faith L. Justice (review)”

Storms Gather Between Us by Clare Flynn (excerpt + giveaway link)

Storms Gather Between Us
by Clare Flynn

Publication Date: June 17, 2019
Canelo Saga
Paperback & eBook; 384 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Life can change in a single moment…

Living under the watchful eye of her controlling and abusive father, Hannah Dawson’s hopes for freedom and happiness seem a distant dream. Her mother, passive and ashamed of her self-preservation, refuses to challenge her husband. It is the mysterious circumstances of her long-lost Aunt Lizzie’s disappearance in the 1920s that inspires Hannah to seek a better life.

Since escaping his family’s notoriety in Australia Will Kidd has spent a decade sailing the seas, never looking back. Content to live the life of a wanderer, everything changes in a single moment when he comes face to face with a ghost from his past on a cloudy beach in Liverpool.

Hannah and Will are thrown together by fate and bonded by secrets from long ago. Now, they discover a love like no other. But with Hannah’s father determined to see her wed to a man of his choosing they must fight against a tyrant who has ruined many lives. Even if they succeed, can they escape the chains of their histories? And will their plans for a future be possible when the whole world is changing forever?

A compelling tale of family secrets and undeniable love against the odds, perfect for fans of Susanne Goldring and Fiona Valpy. Continue reading “Storms Gather Between Us by Clare Flynn (excerpt + giveaway link)”