Review Policy and Business Enquiries

MARCH 2022: Please note that the blog is on a semi-break (mainly pre-arranged posts) as I grieve the recent death of my father. 

I am not currently accepting or considering any new requests for reviews.  Exceptions will only be made for those authors whose books I have previously accepted for review.

Please address any business/review enquiries to: bibliogr dot gmail dot com

Below is my previous policy, which I may or may not reinstate at a future date:

I read across genres and age-designations, and I am happy to consider books for review.  My policies are currently under contemplation.  The following is subject to change:

Not every book is for every reader, and I may not be the ideal reader for your book.  Take a look through a few of my past reviews to see if your book and I are likely to be a good fit.

Though I may convey my bordering-on-fangirl-excitement over a book, author or publisher,  I do not/will not guarantee a positive review – or that a review will be posted.  What I will guarantee is the honesty of my review, regardless of the review copy source.

I am particular about what I choose to read, so any enquiries must include a synopsis and any pertinent particulars.  Please note that certain choices will receive a negative review, or no review.  These include excessive or gratuitous profanity, violence, or sexual content; content that is inappropriate to the target age; pushing of an agenda, particularly in YA or younger; lack of editing/proofreading.

This blog reflects my personal thoughts and opinions.  It is intended as an outlet for my personal expression and to share my love of books, though other topics may be addressed. Please do not quote or reblog without my permission.

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