My name is Yvette.  I’m just a middle-brow reader who enjoys a good story, recipe or how-to.

In my twenties I became a certified chef and in my thirties a K-8 educator.  I’ve worked in various industries, including steel fabrication and software.  In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor’s in Integrated Studies with a focus in Culture, Literature and the Arts.

While I started this blog to express and share my love of books and reading, I may go off on a tangent from time to time.  It’ll happen.


Star rating systems are a bit arbitrary by nature.  I don’t always use a star rating, but when I do, it is much like the one I used as a substitute teacher:

5 stars = Fantastic!

4 stars = Really Good!

3 stars = Good.  Solid effort with some room for improvement.

2 stars = Not good.  Improvement needed.

0 or 1 star = Oh, boy, were there some problems!


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