Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree by Lillah Lawson (Review with Excerpt + Giveaway)

Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree
by Lillah Lawson

Publication Date: September 20, 2019
Regal House Publishing
eBook & Paperback; 384 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Southern



It’s an unusually warm autumn, 1929, and O.T. Lawrence is about as content as a cotton farmer can be in Five Forks, Georgia. Nothing – not poverty, drought, or even the boll weevil – can spoil the idyllic life he shares with his doting wife and children and his beloved twin brother Walt. Until illness and Black Tuesday take everything O.T. ever held dear in one fell swoop. Grieving, drinking, and careening toward homelessness, O.T. is on the brink of ending it all when he receives an odd letter from a teenage acquaintance, the enigmatic Sivvy Hargrove, who is locked away in Milledgeville’s asylum for the insane. Traveling through desperate antebellum towns, O.T. and his daughter Ginny are determined to find Sivvy and discover her story. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is a love story to Georgia and the spirit of its peopleóa story of family, unconditional love, poverty, injustice, and finding the strength inside to keep on going when all is lost.

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“Lillah Lawson spins a yarn that ís wonderful in its knottiness. Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is a historical Southern fable about butterflies, biscuits and the healing power of family, both biological and chosen. The images are evocative, the dialogue rough and realistic, the emotions achingly real. A must-read.”  Lauren Emily Whalen, author of Satellite

“A hauntingly beautiful story, full of twists and tragedy, rich in detail and told with gorgeous lyrical flair. A deeply moving, unforgettable read.”  Alice Hayes, author of The Thread that Binds

“An exquisite read, with the tender yet gritty undertones of Steinback, Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is a solemn walk through the deep south during one of the most difficult eras in American history: the early twentieth century. Lawson captures the southern gothic through the often fragile, yet always hopeful hearts of her characters as they try to cope with the hard knocks of life. This book will touch your heart in the beautifully tragic way that only southern gothic can, slowly at first, and then all at once.”  Melanie Cossey, author of A Peculiar Curiosity

~My Thoughts~

From the first line, Lillah Lawson immerses the reader into the hard scrabble life of cotton farmers in rural Five Forks, Georgia and the life and loves of Owen “O.T.” Lawrence and his twin brother Walt. From the fateful meeting with Sivvy Hargrove as teenagers during a tent revival in 1916, through struggles, hardships, and devastating losses during the Great Depression, this is a wonderfully written portrait of grit and humanity set against ever present hunger, social divides, and the constant, underlying menace of a predatory traveling evangelist.

Sassafras tea and moonshine, side meat, boll weevils, red dirt, and the distinctive colloquial language of early 20th Century small town and Appalachian Georgia all lend themselves to what is ultimately the story of O.T. and Sivvy’s long journey to awakening from the numbness of debilitating grief to finding each other.

Full of all the heartache and resilience that I crave in fiction set in the 1930’s, in the rough and tumble way that so evokes that era, Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is a story of healing and redemption.  This is a work of Southern fiction to slowly savor, with characters that will linger.


Mrs. Pittman sat in the driver’s seat, her dainty white gloves gripping the wheel, her mouth pursed grimly. Betty Lou sat in the passenger seat, her own face flushed and distressed. O.T. glanced in the back of the cab and instantly forgot his embarrassment at looking so bedraggled. Walt was sitting in the backseat, leaning on Hosey Brown, his face streaked with tears.

O.T. ran to the car, to his brother, forgetting all about Betty Lou. “What’s happened?” he asked. “What in the hell has happened?”

“Let’s get us inside and we’ll tell you, son,” Mrs. Pittman said, her mouth still pursed. O.T. began to panic—-had he been found out, somehow?  Had Walt had come clean and told everyone that it had been O.T. with Sivvy after all? Had Betty Lou and her mother had driven here to give him the hosing down he deserved? Betty Lou’s face was grim. Even Hosey, usually a blabbermouth, was quiet and gray-faced. O.T. had no choice but to lead them all inside, his insides quivering, as Walt trailed behind him, sniffling.

Inside, Hazel sat out coffee, teacakes, and dried apples. O.T. furiously wiped his dirty hands on his coveralls and threw on his old pair of shoes, inwardly cussing at how filthy he looked. Mrs. Pittman bit daintily into a teacake and accepted a cup of coffee silently.

“Walter, hon, tell us what’s happened,” Hazel said finally,  placing a gentle hand over Walt’s.

“I didn’t do what he said I did,” Walt protested sullenly, through his tears. Dropping his head into his hands, he started to beat at his face. “I. Did. Not. Do. It.”

“He’s doing it again,” Mrs. Pittman said helplessly to Betty Lou, who looked stricken. “He was doing that in the car.”

“He’s awright,” Hosey said, gently guiding Walt’s hands back down to his lap.

“Would somebody tell me what in the sam hell has got my brother so worked up—” O.T. interjected impatiently.

“O.T., calm down. I’ll tell you,” Betty Lou said quickly, touching his hand. “We were leavin’ the diner after lunch, and we happened upon Walt and Billy Rev. Walt was crying and carrying on. Doing like he’s doing now, with his hands. Billy Rev was screamin’ at him.”

“He shore was,” Mrs. Pittman agreed. “Bellowin’ like a bull, right in that poor boy’s face. And to think—a man of the Lord!”

O.T.’s heart begin to sink. “Sivvy warn’t there?”

“No, she wasn’t,” Betty Lou replied, “just Billy Rev. And he was yelling to beat the band. Sayin’ all kinds of things, and Walt just standing there, crying, saying he didn’t do it. We thought we might be of help, so we went up to ’em, asked if everything was awright. Billy Rev took no notice of us. He was plum red in the face. Yellin’ at Walt, accusing him of things.”

“What things?” Hazel’s face had gone a little white.

There was a long silence. “Of…of tarnishing his niece,” Mrs. Pittman said, after a pause. “Accused him of meeting her in secret last night. Said he’d taken her girlhood from right under his nose. Accused him of being a—” She blushed, her cheeks turning a pretty pink. “Of…meddling with her.” She looked down at her lap, her lips pressed together so tight they all but disappeared.

“But Walt wasn’t even out last night!” Hazel exclaimed. “O.T. was out with Hosey, but Walt was here!”Hosey looked at O.T. sharply, and O.T. thanked the good Lord that Hosey was the best friend he had in the world, knowing that Hosey would die before exposing O.T.’s lie.

“That’s just what we told him,” Mrs. Pittman said firmly. “We told the reverend that hemust be mistaken. That Walt’s the sweetest, most God-fearing boy in town and that he’d never, ever—”

“I told him,” Walt interjected, his face ashen. “I told him I never.”

“We all told him,” Betty Lou said angrily. “But he was raving like the dickens and wouldn’t listen. That skinny, chicken-necked old codger.”

“Betty Lou!” Mrs. Pittman exclaimed, feigning shock.

“The reverend talked like he was going to get the sheriff have Walt locked up,” Betty Lou went on. “We told him no he wasn’t.And we wanted to know where he’d even got such an idea that Walt had taken advantage of his niece.”

“What did he say?” O.T. asked, straining to keep his face calm.

“Said he just knew. Said a little bird told him. I like to spit in his face.”

Betty Lou,” Mrs. Pittman warned again, but with a smile.

“That’s when Hosey come up, and by then there was a crowd of folks watchin’ us. A couple spoke up for Walt. And then Miss Sivvy come out herself. She’d been cryin’, too, poor thing. You could tell. She told the Rev that Walt had never laid a finger on her, had never even clapped eyes on her more’n twice. I felt right bad for her.”

“So what happened?”

“Oh, he puffed and ranted a little bit more, and then put his big ol’ fat finger in Walt’s face and told him to stay the devil away from his niece. Said he’d lock him up if he so much as looked in her direction. A bunch of dumb threats,” Hosey said with a grin. “Said he’d never come back to this one-horse town to spread the word of the Lord again. He was gon’ leave us to our sin. Then he stomped his ass back down to the motel, ’’bout wrenchin’ that poor girl’s arm out of the socket the whole way. Her just a cryin’. That sumbitch.”

“Language,” Hazel warned, before Walt had a chance, and Hosey winked at her. She pretended not to notice.

“He hurt Miss Sivvy,” Walt moaned, dropping his head into his hands again. “She was crying so hard!”

“It’s okay,” O.T. said softly, placing a protective arm around his brother’s shoulders.

“No, it ain’t,” Walt cried, his voice muffled. “I never did give her my address. How we gon’ write to each other now?”

O.T couldn’t answer, the shame bubbling up deep in his belly. Somehow the reverend had found out what had happened. He thought Walt had ruined his niece, but it had been O.T. all along.


The road was in ill repair. Every time the wagon hit a bump or a pothole, Sivvy was thrown into Harvey’s shoulder, rigid and tense beside her. She could feel the fear and anger coming off him in waves, but his face, when she caught a glimpse of it, was blank.

Billy Rev drove erratically down Highway 29, out of Five Forks, and towards Athens. The moon was visible from Sivvy’s window, high in the sky and round and as white as a breast. Sivvy thought of her mother, whom she missed but would never admit it. She and her mother had never really found each other’s threads. Sivvy’s six brothers and sister, who came before her, had sapped up the best parts of Mama before Sivvy had had a chance. Even after all this time, she could not bring herself to forgive her parents; the door to her heart was shut to them, even though she knew it wasn’t fair.

But there was no use dwelling on that now.

Her face felt crusty and tight with her tears dried on her cheeks, tears she hadn’t bothered to wipe away.  She had wanted Billy Rev to see those tears and feel bad, unaware, then, that it would only spur him on, that any evidence of her pain was a thrill to him.

Hours before, Sivvy had been giddy with excitement at the thought of meeting the boy. She’d wanted only to feel young, free—just for a minute. How could she have ever thought she could get away with it? And she’d gone and gotten that sweet boy in a heap of trouble.

For a brief moment, as she gazed at the moon, Sivvy wished she were lying with her head on her mama’s chest, a child again, warm and safe in the grove of crooked trees back on the ridge.She dropped her eyes to her lap, to her hands, which were streaked with grime, the skin around her fingernails ragged, ugly, and torn. They trembled a little as she brought them up to her face and wiped off the old salt of her tears.

Harvey’s shoulder twitched beside her, then was still. The wagon rumbled on.

~About the Author~

Lillah Lawson has been writing since she was 8 years old, when she won a short story contest at her elementary school. The story was about a Princess who gets tired of waiting for the Prince to show up and saves herself. Once she saw her words printed in the local newspaper, she knew she wanted to be a writer.

Having written professionally as well as dabbling in poetry, children’s books and blogging, Lillah finally completed her first novel, Aroha, as part of a NaNoWriMo challenge in 2012.

She lives in Georgia, in the United States, with her partner and son and three rambunctious animals. She is currently working on another novel.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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Sassafras Tree

The review above refers to a digital copy I voluntarily received through #HFVBTBlogTours. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is Historical Fiction written for the general market and contains adult language and content.

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Waking from a coma with retrograde amnesia, Summer Velazquez has no memory of the last five years of her life, but she retains a strong sense for self-preservation. After learning that she had been attacked in her own home, she flees Toronto for the safety of a randomly picked small town where she assumes a new name and begins to acquire a bit of a found family and, with the encouragement of her new boss, begins a relationship with another newcomer, who she promptly tries to friend-zone.

With the danger of an unknown assailant and more than one person keeping their eye on Summer, the suspense builds as the mystery surrounding her attack and the last five years of her life slowly build toward a dangerous climactic scene.

Beyond the suspense plot, there are quite a few things to like about this story filled themes of faith, second chances, forgiveness, and familial love. Among them, Summer’s realization that a faith she had somehow found within those forgotten five years is so deeply felt that she instinctively turns to God, the way her Mexican heritage is imbedded into the narrative, and the addition of a bit of humor with her rumination on Hallmark movies.

Lost Down Deep is a riveting suspense read with quite a bit of heart.  Highly recommended.

Lost Down Deep by Sara Davison (The Rose Tattoo Trilogy #1) | The Mosaic Collection, April 2020 | e-book, 308 pages

This review refers to a digital review copy I voluntarily received courtesy of the publisher. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.


About the Book

She is the only one who can tell the police who attacked her in her home. If only she could remember …

Summer Velasquez is on the run from a man she has no recollection of after an attack she can’t recall. Every face in the crowd is a potential suspect, so how is Summer supposed to know who is a threat to her and who isn’t? After fleeing her assailant and the parents who lied to her about what happened, she changes her name and seeks refuge in Elora, Ontario. The small town feels familiar, although she has no memory of ever having been here. Even in what should be a safe place, she can’t shake the feeling that she is being watched. When Ryan Taylor strolls into the Taste of Heaven Café where she works, Summer is immediately drawn to him. However, he may not be who he says he is either. As her suspicions grow, Summer prepares to run again. But at least one person is determined to stop her. Permanently. And if she can’t remember who he is, this time he may succeed.

Lu by Beth Troy blog tour review + giveaway

Lu Blog + Review Tour
Welcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Lu by Beth Troy, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Lu by Beth TroyTitle: Lu
Author: Beth Troy
Publisher: Kingsbury Publishing
Release Date: June 21, 2017
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Are we the sum of our circumstances or is there … more?

In a debut novel readers are calling “true to life,” “captivating,” and “cleverly written,” author Beth Troy takes on the story of Lu Sokolowski and her life upended. Lu’s plans have turned sideways, taking her back to the family and town she always planned to leave.

Lu is a modern woman’s honest journey to faith, that unapologetically addresses:
•The big questions women ask about their beliefs.
•The struggles women face in creating a fulfilling life.
•The complexity of family relationships.
•The tension between hope and reality.

Lu is a story for readers looking for real growth in relatable characters who aren’t afraid to ask real questions. It’s for women who want to experience the full spectrum of who they are and what they believe. It’s for women who want a story about how faith integrates into the whole life of a woman. You will want to share this story with a friend – after you read it again yourself.

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Beth Troy

Beth Troy is a writer and educator who teaches courses in Creativity & Innovation and Women & Entrepreneurship at Miami University. Her first novel, Lu, is a modern woman’s journey back to her family, her faith, and herself. Beth will be publishing the sequel in Summer 2020.

Beth lives in Ohio with her husband and three sons. Go to her site or follow her on Instagram to read more about her life and writing.

CONNECT WITH BETH: Website | Instagram


Lu is the story of a woman’s journey to faith that begins in betrayal and heartbreak, and leads to even more brokenness before it is through. For Christian and non-Christian alike, this is a story that will resonate as Lu returns to her family home, begins to heal, and considers new possibilities.

Told in Lu’s voice, this is an impressive debut novel that evokes a gamut of emotions. From her family relationships – her Polish grandmother in particular – to her romantic choices, Lu is a complex and engaging character – even with her habit of running away from problems.

This novel is unexpected and revelatory, an example of what Christian fiction can be and do. Highly and warmly recommended, this is a book to share with friends.

Note: Lu includes a few curse words and implied intimacy, but is definitely Christian fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. A positive review is not required and all opinions expressed are my own.


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When Valleys Bloom Again – Blog Blitz with Excerpt + Giveaway

When Valleys Bloom Again JustRead Blog Blitz
Welcome to the Blog Blitz & Giveaway for When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Jeanne Davis, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


When Valleys Bloom by Pat Jeanne DavisTitle: When Valleys Bloom Again
Author: Pat Jeanne Davis
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing
Release Date: January 16, 2019
Genre: Historical Romance

As war approaches in 1939 Abby Stapleton’s safety is under threat. Her father, a British diplomat, insists she go back to America until the danger passes. Abby vows to return to her home in London—but where is home? With her family facing mortal danger so far away and feeling herself isolated, she finds it hard to pray or read the Bible. Did she leave God behind in war-torn London too? Then Abby becomes friendly with Jim, a gardener on her uncle’s estate.

Jim can’t get Abby out of his mind. Did she have a sweetheart in England? Was it foolish to think she’d consider him? He curses his poverty and the disgrace of his father’s desertion and drunkenness haunts him. Can he learn to believe in love for a lifetime and to hope for a happy marriage?

Abby couldn’t know the war would last a long time, nor that she would fall in love with Jim—soon to be drafted by the U.S. Army—or that she’d have to confront Henri, a rejected suitor, determined by his lies to ruin her reputation and destroy her faith in God’s providence. Will she discover the true meaning of home?

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Christianbook



Pat Jeanne Davis

Pat Jeanne Davis has a keen interest in 20th Century United States and British history, particularly the period of World War II. Her longtime interest in that era goes back to the real-life stories she heard about family members who served during the war. When Valleys Bloom Again is a debut inspirational romance set in WWII. She enjoys flower gardening, genealogy research and traveling with her British-born husband. She writes from her home in Philadelphia, Pa. Pat has published essays, short stories and articles online and in print. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She loves to hear from her readers. Visit her at

CONNECT WITH PAT: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Tonight she’d confront him. He wouldn’t get away with it. After some resistance over the telephone, Henri agreed to meet with her.

A car door slammed below the office window, and Abby peered out into the dark night. Henri strode toward the entrance. It’s fight or flight. Wedging herself into the desk, she gripped the edges tight. All the better to meet the onslaught head on. She glanced at the clock on the opposite wall. Eight-twenty. As ever, Henri had arrived ahead of time.

She heard his heavy tread on the stairs, followed by his muffled stride along the hallway that led to where she sat, waiting. Then the rat-tat-tatof his big fleshy hand against the doorframe. She stiffened. “Come in.”

The door creaked open, settling half-way on its hinges. Henri’s six-feet two bulk filled the aperture, his outline accentuated by the wall lights from the landing. Shutting the door behind him, he lumbered toward her. Balancing on the corner of her desk, he groped in a side pocket for his cigarettes and offered one to her.

She flashed him a withering glance. “You know I don’t smoke.”

Henri’s eyes drilled into her. “So, what’s this all about?” Henri said, his lips curved.

He knew why she wanted to see him. She’d learned long ago that Henri’s genius alerted him when things weren’t going his way. That’s when he would change his tack from suave to sneer and back again. And it gave him the advantage over her.

“The theft of my private mail for a start,” Abby fired back, gripping the side of her desk tighter. “You s-s-stole Jim’s letters to me.” She narrowed her eyes. “That’s a crime.”

Abby’s shot hit home. Henri colored. “Ah, the letters.” He got up and ambled over to the window and stared out. “I’ve been curious as to why you and your Jim didn’t marry before he left.”

Abby glared at his back and watched him like a cat, preparing for his next move. None of your business.

Henri turned toward her, smiling. “You must know by now that I’m attracted to you.”

Her stony silence amplified the short distance between them. She blamed herself for being in this predicament.

“We’ve had some nice times together.” Henri jammed his hands into his pockets. “But, fact is, I want to spend a lotmore time with you.”

Abby sat stock still, her expression masking the turmoil within. She had allowed herself to be pulled along at the whim of this man.

Henri returned to her desk and rested his hands on it, palms down. He leaned in and fastened his eyes on hers. “Do I stand a chance with you? Just say the word and I’ll try my best to give you all you want and make you happy.”

Abby fixed her gaze on the floor. “How unbelievably presumptuous you are.”

Henri pressed on, oblivious to her outburst. “You know, of course, that your lover boy is in danger every day,” he said, hissing the words like a snake circling its quarry. “He might never come back.” He tapped on the desktop with a well-manicured finger. “You have confronted that possibility? Andif he does return, he might only be a half-man.”

Abby looked up in time to catch a glimpse of his taunting smile. She tensed, struggling to remain in her chair. Jim would always be twice the man Henri was.

“What kind of a life can he give you?” Henri droned on. “No money—” He tallied the negatives on his upraised fingers. “No prospects unless you consider gardener a profession. He sneered. “Besides, I happen to know that your beau’s vagrant father is in prison.” Straightening, he smiled at her in self-satisfaction. “Tut, tut,” he clucked, raising one eyebrow in mock horror, “the very prim and proper Abby Stapleton engaged to the son of a convict.”

“You’re a vicious creature, Henri Frey.”She rose to her feet, fists balled at her side, fighting the urge to strike him. “How dare you s-s-say such things.” She hurled her words at him. “Jim loves me, I love him, and we will be married.”

Henri’s jaw slackened and he took a step back, as if reeling from the unexpected onslaught.

“I feel sorry for you, Henri Frey. You’re a s-s-sick man.” Abby threw back her shoulders. “I don’t ever want to see or talk to you again.”

“All right, girl. I’ll go, but mark my words, you’ll see things in a different light before long.” His tone dripped with rancor, all compassion wrung out. The veins on his neck bulged. Swinging around, he tramped toward the exit. “You’ll come begging to me on your knees,” he called over his shoulder, waving the back of his hand. At the door he halted and turned to face her, jabbing a finger at the floor. “On your knees,” he said, his eyes fiery slits, as though aiming for better effect.

“How dare you make—” The slamming of the door cut her short. She slumped back in the chair, Henri’s threat lingered in the space he vacated.

She didn’t hate Henri. His life was so vacuous, empty of everything but his own ambitions, like the rest of his shallow, prattling class. How could she love such a man? But why on earth did he want her? The will! In a shattering instant she’d answered her own question. It’s all to do with the will. A chill ran up her spine as the revelation sunk home. She did not doubt that Henri’s blow would fall. But when and how heavy would it be?



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First Line Friday: The Enchanted April

Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books.

It’s been difficult to focus on reading, sometimes to read at all, in the past few weeks.  I’ve started several books but made no real progress, and what I really want to do is stop everything and just escape into my annual read of The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, but there are books I’ve committed to reviewing and I’m afraid I’d end up thinking too much about the current situation rather than the loveliness of an Italian castle in the 1920’s.

Instead, I’ll share an (slightly edited) FLF post from 2018 where I explained that the call of “wisteria and sunshine” ensnares Lotty Wilkins to the point that she approaches a near stranger in her club, and so begins a most languid adventure abroad for four English women who are otherwise trapped by their circumstances.  Away from the pressures of their London lives, and after being joined by the men they left behind, their Enchanted April is, to use Lotty’s words, a “tub of love.”

Here is the (rather long) first line:

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Special Feature: How Do You Kill 11 Million People by Andy Andrews with video + giveaway link

11 Million People Blog Tour
Welcome to the Blog Tour for How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy AndrewsTitle: How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think
Author: Andy Andrews
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: March 17, 2020
Genre: Motivational/Inspirational Political Science

Become an informed, passionate citizen who demands honesty and integrity from our leaders or suffer the consequences of our own ignorance and apathy.

In this updated and expanded New York Times bestselling nonpartisan book, Andy Andrews urges you to believe that seeking and discerning the truth really, really matters and that believing lies is the most dangerous thing you can do. You’ll be challenged to become a more “careful student” of the past, seeking accurate, factual accounts of events and decisions that illuminate choices you face now.

By considering how the Nazi German regime was able to carry out over eleven million institutional killings between 1933 and 1945, Andrews advocates for an informed population that demands honesty and integrity from its leaders and from each other. He includes several key documents written by our Founding Fathers as examples of America’s core principles that present and future leadership should live up to and embrace.

We can no longer measure a leader’s worth by the yardsticks provided by the left or the right. Instead, we must use an unchanging standard: the pure, unvarnished truth.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Christianbook


Photo by Christy Haynes,

Andy Andrews is a bestselling novelist, speaker, and consultant for some of the world’s most successful teams, largest corporations, and fastest-growing organizations. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Noticer, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?, and the modern classic The Traveler’s Gift. For more information, please visit

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(3) winners will receive a print copy of How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews!

How Do You Kill 11 Million People Giveaway

Be sure to check out each stop on the tour for more chances to win. Full tour schedule shown below. Giveaway will begin at midnight April 6, 2020 and last through 11:59 PM EST on April 20, 2020. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US mailing addresses only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

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