A Child’s First Bible: Psalms for Little Hearts by Dandie Daley Mackall, illustrations by Cee Biscoe

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Psalms for Little Hearts is a lovely little book suitable for reading aloud at bedtime or any time of day.  Each of the 25 psalms transformed into verse suitable for young children  are focused on a specific topical message, beginning with Psalm 4 “God Smiles at Me: A Psalm for When You Need Comfort.”  Some of the psalms end each stanza with a phrase that children will likely begin to repeat with the reader, leading to even more enjoyment and reinforcement of the messages about God. Continue reading “A Child’s First Bible: Psalms for Little Hearts by Dandie Daley Mackall, illustrations by Cee Biscoe”

Connoisseur Kids by Jennifer L. Scott (review)

cover166359-mediumJennifer L. Scott’s messages of poise and etiquette aimed at adults appeal to me, so I was quite curious to see her approach to helping children to gain these qualities that are increasingly less common place in today’s world.

Reading this guide for parents and their children brought back memories of childhood lessons and I found an appreciation for the range of topics and the different approaches that are suggested.  While some of the approaches may work better than others, depending on individual personalities, the ideas that are presented are well worth considering.

As someone with several decades of experience as an aunt, and a great aunt in more recent years, this is a book I would recommend for those with or without children.  Written in a manner that is suitable for children who read at an intermediate level or above, as well as for reading as a family, there is value here for those who are not parents but whose relationships with children may enable them to be a role model.

Connoisseur Kids: Etiquette, Manners, and Living Well for Parents and Their Little Ones by Jennifer L. Scott | Chronicle Books, September 2019 | ebook, 224 pages

This review refers to a digital galley I voluntarily read through NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher.  All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher:

A playful take on manners and being a good global citizen.

Parents and younger children work together to read about a wide range of topics: communication, table manners, tidiness, thinking of others, grooming, and health. Activities, learning games, fill-in-the-blanks, letter-writing exercises, recipes (for food and for slime!), and some fun songs and rhymes help kids learn concepts and practice good behaviors.

A timely guide for raising well-mannered, neat, and gracious children for parents, grandparents, and children of reading age.

The Cracking of Monday Egg by B.T. Higgins (review)


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The Cracking of Monday Egg is an allegorical novel for young readers.  Following Monday Egg from his first conscious moment, the reader joins him on a journey to learn what it means to be an Egg Man, in constant danger of cracking and losing his yolk.  As Monday Egg encounters a young girl, Crow, Squirrel, and listens to the voice of the “The Maker,” while continuing to question, learn, and grow. Continue reading “The Cracking of Monday Egg by B.T. Higgins (review)”

Picture Book Spotlight: Monsters Are Afraid of Babies by Nicholas Tana (with a video preview!)

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If you ask me what my favorite childhood picture book was, I will answer Where the Wild Things Are.  And as much as I enjoy sharing Maurice Sendak’s classic with my nieces and nephews, and now my great nieces and nephews, some of them find it too frightening.  So I adore finding new picture books that make monsters less scary.
This picture book hooked me with the title, but the description and the preview video had me smiling.  So when Smith Publicity asked if I would like to share about Monsters Are Afraid of Babies, I just had to say yes.  I think you’ll see why below:

About the Book

The spooky store displays and monster shows are fun this time of year, but sometimes they can lead younger children to be legitimately scared! Show kids there’s nothing to be afraid of this Halloween with the delightful picture book Monsters Are Afraid of Babies by Nicholas Tana, illustrated by Jessica Abbot and Elise Leutwyler.

In this humorous and boldly colorful read, children follow a boy who frightens the creatures in the closet with the help of his baby sister. Tana has created a universally meaningful message that disarms the figures that intimidate us. Monsters Are Afraid of Babies brings new perspective on the unknown, by humanizing those scary invisible creatures.

On a mission to inspire children and adults, Tana is debuting three new fiction titles that will enchant young audiences this fall. The upcoming Monsters Are Afraid of BabiesThe Kingdom of Glee, and The Kitten, The Cat & The Apple will encourage literacy and evoke imagination in readers.

Lovers of Where the Wild Things AreGoosebumps and Pixar’s Monster’s Inc., will tingle with terror reading this spooky story with a relevant sentiment on fear and anxiety. Monsters readers will delight in each page turn, filled with eye-catching artwork and playful rhyme.

A perfect Halloween-time picture book, Monsters Are Afraid of Babies:

  • Makes reading fun with whimsical wordplay and rhyme
  • Features vivid illustrations that will enthrall children
  • Creates meaningful metaphors about xenophobia, anxiety, and facing fear
  • Finds humor in adjusting to “new creatures” in the house

Monsters Are Afraid of Babies is available in hard cover,  ebook, and  audio book through Amazon and other websites and stores where books are sold.