The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker (review)

theminimalisthomeWhether you are ready to dive into the deep end or merely looking for inspiration, what Joshua Becker provides in The Minimalist Home is a practical approach to applying a minimalist’s approach to your home. Continue reading


First Line Friday: Freedom’s Light

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I finally read my first Colleen Coble novel this week!

I love discovering new authors when it is their debut and when they are new-to-me and have a backlist of books.  In a way, Freedom’s Light by  Colleen Coble is both.  It is my first read of an author with a daunting backlist and it is an early story that, according to the note from the author, was part of her journey to publication but has been waiting eighteen years for it’s own debut.  And I love that!

I reviewed it earlier this week, but today I’m sharing the first line – and I’m holding back, since the first few pages are among my favorites of this Revolutionary War novel.  Here it is: Continue reading

First Line Friday: Envious Casca or A Christmas Party

Welcome to First Line Friday,

hosted by Hoarding Books.


I recently read my first Georgette Heyer and instantly added her to my list of 20th century authors to read more from in 2019.  Not for her Regencies or Historicals (though I’ll get to them), but for her English country house mysteries.  Lucky for me, there are recent and ongoing reprints with gorgeous covers coming out from Sourcebooks Landmark and from Penguin UK’s Arrow imprint.

I picked up a used Arrow edition of Georgette Heyer’s Envious Casca  last summer and only today discovered that it has been retitled A Christmas Party and has been given a lovely, wintery cover.

Here is the first line and a cover for each title:

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Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer (review)

footstepsinthedark_heyer_sourcebooksHaving heard so much praise for Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances, I’ve been curious to give her writing a try but I found myself lacking in actual enthusiasm to start until I discovered that she had written “modern” mysteries.  Her first such novel, and my first Heyer, Footsteps in the Dark is a stand alone country house mystery originally published in 1932. Continue reading

Daisy’s Search for Freedom by Bertha Schwartz (review)

daisyssearchforfreedom_schwartz_ambassadorintl.jpgFirst in a series of historical fiction novels for Middle Grade to Young Adult readers, Daisy’s Search for Freedom is sure to appeal to those interested in American history, the Underground Railroad, and the experience of younger people in the mid 1800’s.

As a house slave, Daisy is subject to the whims of others, so when an outing exposes her to new dangers she quickly finds herself sent on a journey with perils of it’s own.  Traveling with a young boy, Daisy takes the reader along with her as danger continues to nip at her heels. Continue reading