First Line Friday and Tour Review: Beauty in Flight by Robin Patchen

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I wasn’t going to sign up for the Just Read Tours tour for the Beauty in Flight series by Robin Patchen, but then I read the descriptions of the first book, Beauty in Flight, and the premise intrigued me.  A young woman, now an ex-con and trying to lead a better life and not repeat the mistakes of her past by becoming involved with the wrong man.

BeautyInFlight_patchen_flf Continue reading


Don’t Close Your Eyes: A Silly Bedtime Story by Bob Hostetler, Illustrated by Mark Chambers (board book review)

dontcloseyoureyes_tommynelsonBedtime books with a sweet or cute story and adorable, cuddly animals hold such an appeal.  Add in a story that is also silly, and this is sure to be a hit, with the reverse psychology potential of the “don’t close your eyes” refrain.

As the illustrations move through the countryside, the reader encounters different animal families, from owls, to squirrels, to foxes and horses. Continue reading

Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano (review)

flightsoffancy_turano_bhp.jpgJen Turano’s Flights of Fancy, the first in her new American Heiresses series,, has me a bit stymied.  I’ve tried to write a review several times but end up trashing them all.  You see, it’s a bit hard to describe concisely, and difficult not to tell too much (or everything).  But even thinking about the story of New York heiress Isadora Delafield who, disguised as “Izzy Delmont,” appears at Glory Manor just outside of small town Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in answer to an ad for a housekeeper only to be greeted by a shotgun, has me smiling. Continue reading

The Reluctant Warrior by Mary Connealy (quick review)

thereluctantwarrior_connealy_bhThe second book in Mary Coonnealy’s High Sierra Sweethearts trilogy finds much of the cast of book one, The Accidental Guardian, snowed in and fighting for their lives. When injuries sideline Cameron Scott, the father and uncle of the two children who survived a wagon train attack along with Gwen and Debra Harkness, Gwen is called on to tend to him and her heart finally begins to soften as she sees the pain his daughter’s rejection causes.  And while chafing to be up and in charge of hunting down the last of the three men who killed his brother, it is also when he begins to learn how to function as something other than a Union Army officer. Continue reading