The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker (review)

theminimalisthomeWhether you are ready to dive into the deep end or merely looking for inspiration, what Joshua Becker provides in The Minimalist Home is a practical approach to applying a minimalist’s approach to your home. Continue reading


Freedom’s Light by Colleen Coble (review)

freedomslight_coble_thnelsonFans of Colleen Coble are in for a treat with the publication of this early novel, as are those with a taste for stories set in the American Revolution but reminiscent of Victorian melodrama, with sin leading to death and madness. Continue reading

The Christmas Heirloom: Four Novellas of Love Through the Generations by Karen Witemeyer, Sarah Loudin Thomas, Kristi Ann Hunter, Becky Wade (review)

9780764230783.jpgWhen four talented writers of Historical and Contemporary Christian Romance get together and write four novellas connected by a piece of jewelry that is handed down from generation to generation, the expectations can be high.  The Christmas Heirloom lives up to this expectations.

As the luckenbooth broach comes into each story, the reader experiences a new generation and their troubles. Continue reading

Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer (review)

footstepsinthedark_heyer_sourcebooksHaving heard so much praise for Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances, I’ve been curious to give her writing a try but I found myself lacking in actual enthusiasm to start until I discovered that she had written “modern” mysteries.  Her first such novel, and my first Heyer, Footsteps in the Dark is a stand alone country house mystery originally published in 1932. Continue reading

Daisy’s Search for Freedom by Bertha Schwartz (review)

daisyssearchforfreedom_schwartz_ambassadorintl.jpgFirst in a series of historical fiction novels for Middle Grade to Young Adult readers, Daisy’s Search for Freedom is sure to appeal to those interested in American history, the Underground Railroad, and the experience of younger people in the mid 1800’s.

As a house slave, Daisy is subject to the whims of others, so when an outing exposes her to new dangers she quickly finds herself sent on a journey with perils of it’s own.  Traveling with a young boy, Daisy takes the reader along with her as danger continues to nip at her heels. Continue reading