Sister’s Choice by Judith Pella (Review)

I was looking for a light, sweet romance to read while sick and still slightly feverish, so I went to my stacks for the #Backlistbooks2023 challenge over on Instagram and picked out my only Judith Pella book, which appears to be her last published work, after a career of several decades in which she published books written on her own and with writing partners. 

Sister’s Choice took me a bit to get into, due in part to it being the second book in a duology. This story of a tomboy pursuing her crush by what she mistakenly thinks to be the best methods available to her, soon becomes more interesting as Maggie begins to mature and consider more than her own desires. While Maggie is the late bloomer of the story, her crush Colby and the newly returned Evan, now a lawyer, do not really read as all that much more mature. 

This is an enjoyable read, though not an exciting one and not a contender for the re-read shelf. The relationship dynamics within Maggie’s family as well as those among the sewing circle women were more interesting than the romantic machinations of the younger characters.

About the Book

When it comes to quilting, Maggie Newcomb is all thumbs. And nobody rubs it in more than Emma Jean Stoddard. But Maggie swallows her ire for one simple reason–she has a crush on Emma Jean’s handsome son, Colby, and doesn’t want to ruin her chances. So she works hard to become the best quilter in Maintown.
Her plan seems to be working–that is, until Tamara Brennan comes to town. Tamara is wealthy and poised as well as beautiful, and immediately turns Colby’s head. Evan Parker is smitten by Tamara, too, but unlike Colby, he isn’t the dashing, athletic type. He’s very smart, no doubt, but rather bookish and unexciting.
Maggie forms a plan: She’ll help Evan win Tamara’s affection so that Colby will once again notice her. But befriending Evan has unforeseen consequences, and before long, Maggie is more confused than ever about what she truly desires in life.

Sister’s Choice by Judith Pella (Patchwork Circle #2) | Bethany House, 2008 | paperback,

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