Whitney Wins Everything: A Tiny Ninja Book by Sasha Graham (picture book review)

In Whitney Wins Everything, the second Tiny Ninja book by Sasha Graham with illustrations by Angelina Valieva, Whitney sees everything as a competition, and she is out to win. But there is someone only she can see or hear, her own tiny ninja, who will gently – along with her soccer team – help her become more considerate without trying to change who she is.

One of the things I appreciated about Whitney Wins Everything is that it avoids the cliche of losing to learn that winning isn’t everything. Instead, Whitney learns that it is okay to take a step back and not be the star, lifting someone else up instead. I also enjoyed the ending conversation, repeated in each Tiny Ninja book, that lets us know that their tiny ninjas will be with them always. 

With several bright and busy two page spreads to play “find the ninja,” this picture book’s illustrations are exuberant and adorable, enhancing this entertaining story. And whether you call it your conscience or a “still, small voice” the lesson of listening to our own little ninjas adds depth to a fun, shareable picture book that was a joy to read aloud with my great nieces and nephews!

Recommended for children (created for ages 4-8) and other people of various heights who enjoy an entertaining story with positive themes and games of seek and find. From the engaging and meaningful story to the adorable illustrations, the Tiny Ninja books by Sasha Graham are a joy to read and to share with children, and I anticipate sharing them many times more.

This review refers to finished copies I voluntarily received and read, courtesy of Smith Publicity. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Whitney Wins Everything by Sasha Graham (Tiny Ninja Books 2) | Gatekeeper Press, April 2022 | hardback, 44 pages

About Whitney Wins Everything:

From the author of the beloved children’s book, Milo Does Not Like Mornings comes the highly anticipated, second book in the Tiny Ninja Books collection by Sasha Graham: Whitney Wins Everything (Gatekeeper Press, April 5, 2022). A percentage of each book sale will be donated to Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer Foundation to fund soccer scholarships for five children. 

Every book in the Tiny Ninja Books collection centers on the idea that we are each born with our own Tiny Ninja who is the very best version of us; brave, strong, compassionate and kind. Our Tiny Ninjas are always there for us – all we have to do is listen.

The story begins with a competitive girl named Whitney who loves to win and knows that everybody loves a winner. But when she isn’t invited to a classmate’s birthday party because she’ll, “win all the games,” Whitney is hurt and confused. At her big soccer game, Whitney’s Tiny Ninja encourages her to pass the ball to a struggling teammate, who then scores the game winning goal. Whitney is surprised at how good it feels to share the glory and happily realizes  that there is more than one way to win and more than one way to be a winner.

“When I tell people about Whitney, they often predict that she will lose the game at the end and learn a valuable lesson about losing gracefully,” Sasha explains. “This is not that book. Winning is awesome! This book is about one little girl learning that sharing the spotlight and winning with a team is pretty great too.”

Created for readers ages four to eight and bursting with humor, Whitney Wins Everything introduces themes of teamwork, friendship, self -confidence, and compassion. Fan-favorite Ninja Seek-and-Find illustrations first introduced in Milo Does Not Like Mornings also appear here in full-color spreads that enthrall pre-readers, their grown ups, and everyone in between. 


Sasha Graham is the founder of Tiny Ninja Books and is the author of Milo Does Not Like Mornings, A Milo no le gustan las mañanas, and Whitney Wins Everything. Sasha is a former executive at the Walt Disney Studios and her writing has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on television. Sasha lives with her husband Alan in beautiful Arizona where they encourage each other, and their children, Finn, Indy & Odessa, to always listen to their Tiny Ninjas. 


Illustrator Angelina Valieva was born into the family of artist Vladimir Valiev in Uzbekistan, and it was thanks to her father that she chose this fascinating profession. From a young age, her father directed her hand and taught her to draw. In 2005, she graduated from Republic Art College, where she studied graphic design. In addition to illustrating numerous children’s books that have been published worldwide, Angelina has participated in various international art competitions and has won many awards.