The Rancher’s Legacy by Susan Page Davis (review)

When Matt Anderson meets Rachel Maxwell at the train, he begins their acquaintance with a lie that complicates everything as tragedy quickly ensues and danger abounds.

I’ve long been a fan of Susan Page Davis’s western romances filled with outlaws, family issues, themes of belonging, and faith journeys, as well as sweet, chaste romance leading to a happily ever after. And in The Rancher’s Legacy I particularly enjoyed the addition of a secondary storyline, with an elderly woman in Maine employing a detective to find her lost grandchildren, and that I was kept guessing whether this would be Matt or Rachel for some time.

Recommended and I’m looking forward to continuing Susan Page Davis’s Homeward Trails series with book 2, The Corporal’s Codebook.

The Rancher’s Legacy by Susan Page Davis (Homeward Trails, book 1) | Scrivenings Press LLC, January 2021 | ebook, 298 pages

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About the Book

Matt Anderson’s father and their neighbor devise a plan: Have their children marry and merge the two ranches. The only problem is, Rachel Maxwell has stated emphatically that will never happen.

When Rachel finishes her education in the East and arrives in Colorado, Matt is tasked with retrieving her from the stagecoach. As they crest the hill overlooking the sprawling acreage, Rachel gets her first glimpse of her new home. Only it’s in flames and besieged by outlaws.

She soon learns her father was killed in the raid, shattering her life. Will she allow Matt to help her pick up the pieces?

Meanwhile in Maine, a sea captain’s widow, Edith Rose, hires a private investigator to locate three of her now-adult grandchildren who were abandoned by their father nearly 20 years ago. After weeks of investigation, Ryland Atkins believes he’s located the eldest—in Colorado Territory.

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