Initium: A SNAP Agency Novella by Natalie Walters (review)

Initium immerses the reader in a tension filled situation, as the CIA team embedded in Ireland must leave one of their team behind when they have to flee when their operation is threatened with exposure. The action and excitement does not let up as the story unfolds, following now former agent Tom Walsh, switching between his experiences after leaving Ireland in 1998 and the founding of the SNAP Agency twenty years later.

Tightly plotted, quickly paced, this is a well written novella and an exciting start to a Christian Suspense series. With introductions to Tom Walsh’s fiancee, various associates, and the team he assembles for SNAP, this is a novella that leaves you with a picture of their personalities, relationships, skills, and so many possibilities of where this series may go. As for me, there are a specific characters I’m looking forward to having their time as the main protagonists and to see where the author takes them.

With two related timelines and plenty of action, Initium may best be enjoyed in a single-sitting. After meeting the team and Tom Walsh, the Director of SNAP, I’m looking forward to reading this series even more. Recommended.

Initium (A SNAP Agency Novella) by Natalie Walters | October 5, 2021 | ebook, 142

This review refers to an e-novella I voluntarily read as part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Novella:

When an explosion rattled the cobblestone streets of Ireland in 1998, it left the CIA questioning one of their own, but Intel officer Tom Walsh refuses to believe his friend Sean is guilty. Tom is certain Sean wasn’t behind the misdirection of information that led to the deaths of dozens, but he’s missing and the CIA won’t go back to find him or the truth.

Unwilling to let Sean become a scapegoat for a botched mission, Tom quits the CIA and takes an unsanctioned contract job with the hopes of finding his friend and those responsible for the deadly attack. But when the new mission goes awry, Tom finds himself in a battle against an Irish dissident paramilitary group determined to strike again.

With only a hunch to go on and a red-headed bartender’s help, Tom puts himself in the path of danger and discovers his own passion for stepping in where the government can’t.

Get ready for Lights Out with this glimpse into the life of the man behind the SNAP Agency and what pushed him to find a better way to strategically protect and neutralize threats against America and her citizens. In this fast-paced novella you’ll meet Director Walsh as he assembles his team: Jack Hudson, Lyla Fox, Nicolás Garcia, and Kekoa Young.