November TBR featuring The Shape of Crete by Philip T. Nemec

As the end of the year approaches, I find I’m having to prioritize my reading even more strictly than usual and consciously refrain from overcommitting my increasingly limited reading time. So, to reinforce my commitment to a less stressful and more structured reading schedule, here is my TBR (To Be Read) list – in reading order – for November 2021 (*with thanks to the authors, publisher, and to Smith Publicity [The Shape of Crete] for the free review copies):

*A View Most Glorious by Regina Scott (Revell, October 15, 2021)

“Reluctant socialite Coraline Baxter longs to live a life of significance and leave her mark on the world. When her local suffragette group asks her to climb Mount Rainier to raise awareness of their cause, she jumps at the chance, even though she has absolutely no climbing experience.”

*Carved In Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes (Bethany House, November 2, 2021)

Subtitled Lessons from the Black Women Who Shape Us, “[t]hrough the research and reflections of author Jasmine Holmes, you will be inspired by what each of these exceptional women can teach us about the intersections of faith and education, birth, privilege, opportunity, and so much more.”

*Not Quite a Marriage by Bliss Bennet (Bliss Bennet Books, November 4, 2021)

“Philadelphia Burnett’s desires were once as vast as the sky. But now, after suffering one devastating loss after another, the only thing Delphie allows herself to want is a home. So when Delphie’s estranged rake of a husband returns from a five-years’ absence to claim the estate promised to her, Delphie resolves to fight him every step of the way.”

*Their Yuletide Healing by Mindy Obenhaus (Love Inspired, December 2021)

“As her plans unravel, can she give her children what they truly need?”

*The Shape of Crete by Philip T. Nemec (Chestnut Books Press, Oct 26, 2021)

Set on the Greek island of Crete, The Shape of Crete is a thrilling drama and passionate love story between a Bulgarian artist, Steffi, and James, an American historian. Rekindling their romance after a separation, Crete’s history of ancient myths and Nazi occupation entwines them in surprise and danger. They meet an Englishman searching for traces of his brother missing since 1943, and a local woman whose father was a partisan war leader; and then, shards of information reveal Steffi’s grandfather fought with the Nazis. Danger lurks when a local thug decides Steffi and Jim’s relationships with the others concerns gold lost in the war. The final tension-driven scenes unfold in a labyrinth-like cave in the spirit of the mythical battle between Theseus and the Minotaur. The unexpected conclusion questions whether love’s best outcome is enlightenment or physical survival. 

Author Bio

Philip T. Nemec grew up around Chicago. After graduating from Saint Louis University and studying under his writing mentor, the Midwestern poet, John Knoepffle, Phil served three years as a Marine Corps infantry officer. Following completion of his service, Phil graduated from the writer’s program at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Afterward, Phil breathed fresh life into a farm in the “Ocooch” area of southwestern Wisconsin and also served as a teacher and administrator at two of Chicago’s private high schools. Eventually, he entered and retired from an overseas career with the federal government. Writing has, however, always been his passion. His poetry has been recently published in After Hours, a Chicago based literary journal. His novel, The Chicago Syncopator, appeared as an Amazon Goodreads. His current novel, The Shape of Crete, takes place on Crete and mines both his interest in history and his overseas experiences. A father of two grown children, Phil resides with his wife, Harumi, in the Washington, D.C. area. 

To Stand In the Breach by Danielle Grandinetti (Hearth Spot Press, October 12, 2021) purchased e-novella

“She came to America to escape a workhouse prison, but will the cost of freedom be too high a price to pay?”

*Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen (Waterbrook, January 28, 2020) NetGalley digital galley

Subtitled “Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts,” this is my current book group selection that will continue on into December (though I may read ahead to review it sooner).