Catch: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens (review)

Tracy Ewens’ Catch was a total impulse request on NetGalley. I had rushed over from GoodReads, hoping to find her book Blow, only to find that while it was no longer available, the next book in her Love Story series was. Though I wasn’t sure what to expect, and contemporary is not my go-to genre, I was immediately hooked (no pun intended) by this story of the relationship between a fishing boat captain and her brother’s best friend.

Tyler Pace fell in love with Jules Bartlett long before she became a divorced single mother. He’s a reliable friend to her and her daughter Bella, but Jules’s prickly nature keeps him at arms length and he begins to doubt she will ever be ready to risk her heart again. In Jules’s mind there are two major strikes against this local boy who made good – he has money and a tendency to use it to swoop in and fix things. Obstacles abound and past trauma is very present, as Tyler’s alcoholic father’s health fails and Jules is invited to the wedding of her ex-husband and the friend he cheated with.

Set in the town of Bodega Bay, California, this is such a slice of life story – from the supportive friends and wonderful families, to the small town community in this story of two people who have known each other all of their lives finding love – albeit with vastly different timing.

What a surprise this story was – through the ups and downs of this relationship, as the narrative switches between perspectives, I was all in and left at the end with a desire to read more of this series. I do enjoy a mature romance, and these are the type of characters that feel like people you might really want to know. Recommended with a note that this salty slow burn contemporary is an open door romance with cursing as a natural feature of language in the narrative as well as the dialogue.

Catch: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens (Love Story, #13) | Tracy Ewens, June 2021 | ebook, 334 pages

This review refers to a temporary digital copy that I voluntarily read through NetGalley, courtesy of the author. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book

If only life were as simple as once upon a time and happily ever after.

Jules Bartlett stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. As captain of the Branch Fishing boats, she manages a mighty crew of twelve men and a plethora of tourists in search of deep sea adventure. Years from her divorce, Jules is content raising her daughter Bella, navigating her family’s ever-changing endeavors, and steering clear of any other men her mother assures her are out there in the sea.

Tyler Pace stopped believing Jules Bartlett would miraculously fall in love with him a long time ago. As CEO of Pace Capital and co-owner of BP Glassworks, he manages the money and anything else in Bodega Bay that needs fixing. Years after returning to a place he’d sworn off in favor of the big city, Tyler is reconciled to staying out of small-town gossip, dealing with his ailing alcoholic father, and assuring his best friend that managing love is as easy as sorting a spreadsheet.

Jules and Tyler have known each other forever, and their quick banter is both effortless and epic. When one wedding changes everything, they’ll both have to set aside what they think they know about love to learn that falling isn’t always the scariest part—sometimes love is all about trusting the catch.