Accidental Target by Theresa Hall (review)

Book Cover: Accidental Target by Theresa Hall

Theresa Hall’s debut novel, Accidental Target, has a slam dunk of a premise and opening scene for a Love Inspired Suspense titles. When she witnesses something she shouldn’t, Allison Moore finds herself relying on the grumpiest cop on the local police force. Having lost his family years before, Jackson Archer is determined to keep Allison safe, but the cartel seems to find her no matter where she goes or what precautions he takes.

The characters do get a moment or two to take a breath, to say a prayer, and to express some angst over Jackson’s grief. But somehow not all of the threads of the perilous story lined up for me and I couldn’t get past Jackson’s lack of professionalism and some jumps that their relationship took.

With suspense that keeps an edge and almost non-stop action, this is a new LIS author to take note of despite any quibbles my review may have with the relationship or, occasionally, the writing. A promising debut, I’m looking forward to seeing how Theresa Hall’s talent develops.

Accidental Target by Theresa Hall | Love Inspired Suspense, August 2020 | 224 pages, available in e-book, paperback, larger print

This review refers to a digital galley I voluntarily read through NetGalley, courtesy of the author and publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

On an icy road in the dead of night

what she sees might get her killed.

Allison Moore can’t deny what she sees—a lifeless hand sticking out of a tarp in the back of a crashed pickup truck. Seconds later, she’s on the run with a murderer on her heels. Nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted…except police sergeant Jackson Archer. But with someone set on silencing her, can Jackson keep his promise of protection?