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It seems like ages since I read a book, after the events of August and September sent my record reading year off the rails.  But I’m trying to get back on track and I’ll be reading and reviewing The Red Journal by Deb Elkink soon as part of a review tour with Just Read Tours, so I thought I’d share the first lines for this week’s First Line Friday.

Here is the description:

Flirty globetrotter Sybil badgers her friend Libby to travel along in seeking out the world’s “sacred places”—a monastery in Japan, a mountaintop in Africa, a mosque in Istanbul. Her footloose wandering far from family values costs her more than money.

But Libby can’t afford to travel, and she’s plagued by a different kind of restlessness. Grieving the recent death of the grandmother who raised her in their inner-city Minneapolis tenement now slated for demolition, Libby faces homelessness in both heart and habitation.

When Libby discovers a cryptic message from beyond the grave and an antique ring pointing to a mystery in an inner room of a mansion museum in North Dakota, she sets out on a quest of her own for the meaning of heritage and home.

It isn’t often I run across a novel written in present progressive tense, so I couldn’t stop at just one sentence.  Here are the first lines:


“Libby N. Walker crunches her eyes against the morning sunshine shattered through spring oak leaves.  The splinters of light stab her retinas, so she tips her chin down into the shadows and runs her fingers over the deep ridges of the closest tree’s thick, corky bark.”

Trees for a second Friday in a row.  I do love a theme, even an incidental one.

The Red Journal by Deb Elkink is part of The Mosaic Collection, published by Rolled Scroll Press, and is available as a paperback or an e-book.  It is also currently available through Kindle Unlimited. (See sidebar for disclosure regarding these affiliate links.)

Happy Friday!

Want to join in on the First Line Friday fun?  Open your current read or the book nearest to you and share the first line in the comments.  You can also head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is sharing.

12 thoughts on “First Line Friday: The Red Journal

  1. Today on my blog I shared the first line from Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters but I’m currently reading How the Light Gets In by Jolina Petersheim so I’ll share the first line from my current chapter (9) here: “Elam Albrecht didn’t have many needs.” Hope you have a great weekend! Happy reading 🙂

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  2. Happy Friday! My first line is from “Wyatt: The Montana Marshalls” by Susan May Warren:

    “Usually Wyatt, goalie for the Minnesota Blue Ox NHL team, could shrug off his mistakes.”

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  3. Happy Saturday!

    Yesterday on my blog I shared the first line from The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron: I’m currently reading Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard, so I’ll share a line from that book.

    “For some reason he would never understand, Heath always ended up assisting someone in the direst of circumstances.”

    Hope you’re having a good weekend! 🙂❤📖

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