Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano (review)

flightsoffancy_turano_bhp.jpgJen Turano’s Flights of Fancy, the first in her new American Heiresses series,, has me a bit stymied.  I’ve tried to write a review several times but end up trashing them all.  You see, it’s a bit hard to describe concisely, and difficult not to tell too much (or everything).  But even thinking about the story of New York heiress Isadora Delafield who, disguised as “Izzy Delmont,” appears at Glory Manor just outside of small town Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in answer to an ad for a housekeeper only to be greeted by a shotgun, has me smiling. And then there’s the hero of the story, Ian MacKenzie, who is determined to marry into society but also devoted to the couple who took him in as an orphan.  Not to mention that sweet couple, facing troubles of their own, who have taken in newly orphaned siblings Violet, Primrose, Daisy, and Henry.

What ensues is a blend of heiress on the run getting into situations as only Jen Turano can write, mill politics, a dastardly duke, suspicious goings on, a bit of drama and suspense, a great deal of humor, some touching moments, and just right romance.

Whether you are a fan of Jen Turano or if Flights of Fancy is your first experience of her writing, you are in for a treat.  It is such a fun Historical Christian Romance!  The expression on the cover model’s face says it all.

Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano (American Heiresses, #1) | Bethany House, Jan 2019 | paperback or ebook, 368 pages

This review refers to an advance digital galley read through NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.

From the publisher:

Miss Isadora Delafield may be an heiress, but her life is far from carefree. When her mother begins pressuring her to marry an elderly and uncouth duke, she escapes from the high-society world she’s always known and finds herself an unlikely candidate for a housekeeper position in rural Pennsylvania.

Mr. Ian MacKenzie is known for his savvy business sense and has built his reputation and fortune completely through traditional hard work. But when his adopted parents are in need of a new housekeeper and Isadora is thrown into his path, he’s unexpectedly charmed by her unconventional manner.

Neither Isadora nor Ian expected to find the other so intriguing, but when a chain of mysterious incidents on the farm point to a larger threat, they’ll have to set aside everything they thought they wanted for a chance at happy-ever-after.



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