Diamonds of Death by Vivian Conroy (review)

diamondsofdeath_conroy_carinaAnother murderer is afoot as the reader is treated to an English country house mystery in the second of four Lady Alkmene novels.  Reporter Jake Dubois is on hand for the investigation, having asked Alkmene to assist him in clearing his cat-burgling friend of the more serious crime of murder.  But this particular stately home is a bit of a mine-field for the adventuresome aristocrat, as she presumes upon her kinship to the deceased Lord Winters’ children to take up temporary residence. Continue reading


First Line Friday: Caught by Surprise

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Sometimes I don’t know how much I’ll love something until I read it.  In the case of the Apart From the Crowd series, I knew I’d enjoy the writing but I didn’t know how much I’d adore the so-nearly-awful-you-gotta-love-em names of her wallflower heroines:

Miss Wilhelmina Radcliff

Miss Permilia Griswold

Miss Gertrude Cadwalader

and now…

Miss Temperance Flowerdew

I’ve enjoyed this series so far, particularly the most recent entry, so I’m looking forward to reading Caught by Surprise by Jen Turano (available 7/31/18) very, very soon.  Here is the prologue’s first line:

Continue reading

Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton (review)

hurricaneseason_denton_thnelsonHurricane Season was my first Lauren K. Denton novel, and I did my best to go into it with as few pre-conceived notions as possible.  What I found was a highly readable, a bit thought provoking, and an ultimately heartwarming story written in a low key way that subtly conveys that calm before the storm feeling.  This isn’t a story centered on the destruction of a hurricane, but on the unmaking and remolding of two very different sisters. Continue reading

Room on the Porch Swing by Amy Clipston (quick review)

roomontheporchswing_clipston_zondervanThe second Amish Homestead novel from Amy Clipston centers on Laura Riehl, the sister of book one’s Kayla Riehl, and the widower of her best friend Savilla.  Laura is still reeling from the loss of her mother, and as she helps Savilla’s grieving husband Allen take care of his baby, Mollie, Laura’s boyfriend Rudy becomes jealous and makes a lot of noise about it all.  Laura and Allen, of course, are fighting their slowly growing attraction to each other, while continuing to mourn their lost loved ones. Continue reading

The Daisy Children by Sophia Grant (review)

thedaisychildren_grant_wmmorrowThe Daisy Children is the fictional story of a family affected by a historic disaster, an explosion at a school in 1937 that killed many children and adults.  The story mainly concerns itself with Margaret – spoiled, headstrong, one of the so-called ‘Daisy Children’ who were meant to comfort parents grieving a loss – and her estranged grand-daughter Katie.

As Katie travels to Texas for a reading of her grandmother’s will, subjected to one disastrous occurrence after another, she has nowhere to turn except her complete opposite, twice-removed-or-something cousin Scarlett. Continue reading