Imagine…The Ten Plagues by Matt Koceich (review)

thetenplagues_koceich_barbourI requested approval to read an e-galley of The Ten Plagues after enjoying the first of Matt Koceich’s new Imagine series for ages 8-12, The Great Flood (review).  I was interested to see how Moses and the plagues would be experienced through a young girl who time-travels to the past.

The Ten Plagues opens, as did the first adventure, in the middle of an action scene with our young heroine, Kai, in grave peril just short of the climax of the story.  We’re then taken to her present day life and the circumstances that lead up to her time-travel adventure.  An underlying theme is quickly revealed when a classmate bullies Kai.

Finding herself transported to Ancient Egypt, Kai is quickly befriended by Amenken, a man who works for Pharaoh Rameses’ guards.  Amen invites her to his home and soon introduces her to a Hebrew girl, Lily, and asks for her help in protecting Lily and her family from a bully.  Horus “the Hawk” is bullying Lily, Amen, and soon Kai is also running from him.

While helping Amen and Lily, Kai observes Moses, Aaron, and the Pharaoh at a distance as the first of the plagues begin.  As the plagues progress, Kai gives out more information than she probably should as a time traveler, but also learns that she is not the first to have come from the future.

The story incorporates good messages of strength and faith, with God’s supernatural influence being felt and shown.  Having some events, in particular the interactions between Kai and the bully Horus, not attributed to God’s intervention made this storyline seem even less plausible and more filled with plot-holes than the prior adventure. The modern day bully scene doesn’t quite ring true either, but serves it purpose for the story.

Having a modern girl as the protagonist helps to make this relatable and the fast pace of this adventure story is sure to capture the imaginations of many young readers.  What a fun way for young readers to experience the story of Moses, the Plagues, and the parting of the Red Sea!

Imagine…The Ten Plagues by Matt Koceich (Imagine, #2) | Barbour Books, March 1, 2018 | ebook, 112 pages

This review refers to an e-galley read courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Publisher’s Description:

The last thing fourth-grader Kai Wells remembers (before the world as she knew it disappeared) is being surrounded by bullies on her walk home from school. What happens next can’t be explained as Kai finds herself on the run for her life in ancient Egypt! Imagine. . .The Ten Plagues is the second release in an exciting, brand-new epic adventure series for kids ages 8 to 12.