Tyndale Rewards Program is now My Reader Rewards Club

This is an updated post, originally published 2/26/17.

FREE and BOOK are two of the best four letter words in the English language, so let’s put them together…

I’m generally a frugal person (please don’t say cheap), so I was excited to find a program with FREE BOOKS AND BIBLES as the reward!  So excited that I just have to share…


From earning the points to redeeming them in the Reader Rewards Store, they have made everything so easy!  The first set of points I redeemed for three novels, and I was surprised at how quickly they arrived.  I recently redeemed a second set of points and I’m excited to be trying two new-to-me authors, Tessa Afshar and Jolina Petersheim.  Not mentioned in the meme above is that submitting reviews of Tyndale or NavPress books is another way to earn points.

So, if you would like to earn FREE books or bibles from Tyndale and NavPress, you can learn more and even sign up, starting off with 25 points (you get 25, I get 10) through my referral link: myreaderrewardsclub.com/login?pc=a5ci-bygy-so2e-mzza. While I’ve tried to present this program accurately, be sure to read the terms & conditions and understand the how-to’s. 😀

If Tyndale or NavPress are publishers whose products you enjoy, you’ll find that the rewards sign-up process is simple, and earning points is quick and easy.  For example, each person who signs up through your referral link and earns 25 points, earns you 10 points just by registering.

Free, simple, quick…how cool is that?!  Now if only they would include some dark chocolate…




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      1. That’s my favorite section to check out! A lot of the newer books tend to be on there so I’m always saving up my points in case there’s something that perks my eye. 🙂

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