2018: The Year Without Reading Goals

I started out this year much as I did last year, bridging the transition from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day with a fun historical romance (not a coincidence that they were by the same author).  I assumed I would follow that up by also making a post of 2018 goals for my reading and my blog and setting a new goal on GoodReads for, most likely, 100 books.  But something has switched in my mind and I find myself re-evaluating my approach to many things.

Mount Must Read January 1, 2018 Review and Giveaway copies courtesy of Publishers, Authors & other bloggers

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First Line Friday–A Trail of Crumbs by Susie Finkbeiner

Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books.hoarding-books-button

Today I’m featuring A Trail of Crumbs by Susie Finkbeiner [Kregel, 2017], the second Pearl Spence novel.  I know, it is a bit soon to feature a book by an author I previously featured since this is only my third FLF, but let me explain.  Today is my maternal grandmother’s ninety-sixth birthday.  She would have been close to the same age as Pearl Spence in the 1930’s and though she lived in a different part of the country and had a very different life than Pearl’s, she also had some hard things happen at an early age.

She was probably never quite the daydreamer that Pearl is, but she is resilient, smart, and downright feisty – and probably always was….so as I read these novels, I can’t help but think of her (and my paternal grandmother, who was just a few months older).

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The Mail-Order Brides Collection: 9 Historical Stories of Marriage That Precedes Love from Barbour Books (review)

themailorderbridescollection_barbourHave I mentioned lately how much I love mail-order bride stories?  It seems so long since I’ve read one, so the minute I started reading this collection it felt like taking a big, long internal sigh.

Perfect for the Preacher by Megan Besing

The Outlaw’s Inconvenient Bride by Noelle Marchand

Train Ride to Heartbreak by Donna Schlachter

Mail-Order Proxy by Sherri Shackelford

To Heal Thy Heart by Michelle Shockler

Miss-Delivered Mail by Ann Shorey

A Fairy-Tale Bride by Liz Tolsma

The Brigand and His Bride by Jennifer Uhlarik

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Tyndale Rewards Program is now My Reader Rewards Club

This is an updated post, originally published 2/26/17.

FREE and BOOK are two of the best four letter words in the English language, so let’s put them together…

I’m generally a frugal person (please don’t say cheap), so I was excited to find a program with FREE BOOKS AND BIBLES as the reward!  So excited that I just have to share…


From earning the points to redeeming them in the Reader Rewards Store, they have made everything so easy!  The first set of points I redeemed for three novels, and I was surprised at how quickly they arrived.  I recently redeemed a second set of points and I’m excited to be trying two new-to-me authors, Tessa Afshar and Jolina Petersheim.  Not mentioned in the meme above is that submitting reviews of Tyndale or NavPress books is another way to earn points.

So, if you would like to earn FREE books or bibles from Tyndale and NavPress, you can learn more and even sign up, starting off with 25 points (you get 25, I get 10) through my referral link: myreaderrewardsclub.com/login?pc=a5ci-bygy-so2e-mzza. While I’ve tried to present this program accurately, be sure to read the terms & conditions and understand the how-to’s. 😀

If Tyndale or NavPress are publishers whose products you enjoy, you’ll find that the rewards sign-up process is simple, and earning points is quick and easy.  For example, each person who signs up through your referral link and earns 25 points, earns you 10 points just by registering.

Free, simple, quick…how cool is that?!  Now if only they would include some dark chocolate…



The Mayflower Bride by Kimberly Woodhouse (review)

themayflowerbride_woodhouse_barbourI was quite excited to find out that Barbour Books is coming out with the Daughters of the Mayflower series of books by various authors and connected by history and a family tree, so I was very happy when I was approved to read an e-galley of the first book, The Mayflower Bride, especially since it is about the Separatists that came over on THE Mayflower.  My history loving heart was a bit aflutter with expectation (and just look at that cover!).  Unfortunately, this first installment of the series was a bit of a disappointment, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Continue reading

Firstborn by Tosca Lee (review)

firstborn_lee_howardbooksThrillers aren’t really my thing.  Too much suspense, too much tension, and they turn me into a big stress-ball.  But there was something about the premise behind the first novel in this duology, The Progeny (review), that drew me in and made me too curious to pass it by.  I think it was partly a need to see  what the author would do with the Countess of Bathory aspect, but even more to do with the amnesia plot.  I do love a good, fictional amnesia story. Continue reading