Over Maya Dead Body by Sandra Orchard (review)

overmayadeadbody_orchard_revell.jpgMurder hits close to home for Serena in the final Serena Jones Mystery, as a man she grew up thinking of as an uncle is murdered near his Martha’s Vineyard home and she quickly learns that he may have been silenced for his knowledge of antiquities smuggling.

Every one is suspect, much to Serena’s dismay, as she finds herself considering possible motives of friends and family.  But she isn’t on her own Continue reading


The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman (review)

thepromiseofbreezehill_hillman_tyndaleIn this first of her Natchez Trace novels, Pam Hillman has penned what is easily one of my favorite works of historical fiction and definitely one of the best Christian romances I have read this year.  The plot is immersive, the characters hold your interest, and the historical aspects Continue reading

Love Held Captive by Shelley Shepard Gray (review)

loveheldcaptive_grey_zondervanIn one of my most anticipated reads for 2017, Shelley Shepard Gray brings to a close her Lone Star Hero trilogy, that focuses on the surviving members of a Confederate “band of brothers.”  Having endured captivity in a prisoner of war camp, they have promised to always come to each other’s aid, a promise that they each fulfill more than once throughout this trilogy set in Reconstruction Era Texas. Continue reading

Lazarus Vol. 5: Cull written by Greg Rucka (graphic novel review)

lazarus5cull_rucka_imagecomicsFew things are as simple as we imagine them to be, Forever.  If your mother had carried you nine months, or if we had adopted you instead of engineering you, you would still be my daughter…and you would still be the daughter I wanted. (Jacob Carlyle, chapter 3)

I don’t read many graphic novels, but I wait anxiously for each new bind-up of Lazarus.  This fifth installment, Cull, continues to thrill with near-future dystopian world-building and interesting character development.  Female characters take center stage, and Forever continues to be one of my favorite strong female leads. Continue reading

The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips (review)

theengagementplot_phillips_shilohrunpressI was feeling a little special when I received an email that Barbour Publishing had pre-approved me to read an e-galley of a new book from their Shiloh Run Press imprint.  This lasted until I signed in and found that they had set The Engagement Plot as a “Read Now.”  Not so special when they’ve really just put a book available to all NetGalley reviewers onto your shelf.  Oh, well.

Now, if they hadn’t put this book onto my Netgalley shelf, it is likely I would not have chosen it to read.  I’m not a fan of very many “reality” shows (British Bake-Off and, oddly, the three Border Security shows on Netflix being the primary exceptions) and I have no respect for anything remotely connected to the various shows like The Bachelor (well, except that single season fake fiancee one that made me cringe and laugh all at once).  That said, this ended up being the perfect late-night “I just can’t sleep,” up-until-2am read. Continue reading