Leapin’ Lizards by Dawn DeVries Sokol (board book review)


Leaping’ Lizards is an adorable primer, with each lizard starring in a two page spread and named with an alliterative adjective. The colors are a riotous mix of bright, bold shapes that frame each equally colorful lizard with splashes, dashes, brush strokes and shapes.

Now, some of the names are super fun to say (Peppy Pictus Gecko is a favorite) and will trip off the tongue a bit easier than others for those reading aloud and those who repeat or sound out the words from the page, but this shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment of those smaller humans.

This is a bright and busy book that I predict will delight a certain toddler. My only wish is that it was made of slightly thicker material, as this is likely to suffer a bit of extra love from that rambunctious, book loving 13 month old.

Recommended for those who love board books, lizards, and lots and lots of color!

From the Publisher:

More colorful pet doodles from bestselling author Dawn DeVries Sokol.  Babies and toddlers will enjoy artist Dawn Sokol’s colorfully illustrated pet lizards, from the curious Collard Lizard to the vibrant Veiled Chameleon, in this fun board book. The cricket-loving Crested Gecko, the bewitching Bearded Dragon, and other fun lizards will delight budding reptile fans, and foster a lifelong love of pets of all kinds.

Leapin’ Lizards: A Lizard Primer written and illustrated by Dawn DeVries Sokol | Gibbs Smith, August 2017 | board book

This review refers to a finished copy received through GoodReads’ First Reads giveaway program, courtesy of the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.



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