Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter (review)

sweetbriarcottage_hunter_tnzWhen receiving a new Denise Hunter book for review, this was not what I expected.  It has the depth of character, the heart-wrenching back-story, and the difficult journey to a happy ending that I expect, but somehow this particular story managed to make the others I’ve read seem lighter in comparison.   Continue reading


Ascension of Larks by Rachel Linden (review)

ascensionoflarks_linden_thnelsonEvery so often I come across a work of contemporary fiction that breaks my heart in the best way.  So much so, in this case, that I needed a bit of distance between reading and reviewing.

With prose that ranges from beautiful to mundane, this is an outstanding debut.  Set primarily on Washington State’s San Juan Island, the brief descriptions were so evocative that I felt instantly transported, though I haven’t been to the island in years. Continue reading

Cozy Fall Book Recommendations

Despite the unreasonably warm weather, Fall is quickly approaching and I am longing for a cool evening when I can get all cozy with a book, a blanket, and a hot beverage. The cozy (or cosy for those who prefer “the Queen’s English”) blanket will have to wait, but the book and the beverage (perhaps with a bit of ice) do not.

So, in collaboration with Justine of the YouTube channel Justine Marie (check out her video linked below), here are some of my favorite books that feel just right for Fall: Continue reading