Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson (review)

belovedhope_peterson_bethanyhouse.jpgI picked this novel up to read with a little trepidation.  While the premise felt compelling, I haven’t been a fan of the book and novella I previously read by this author.

Though I have a passing familiarity with the names and events of the Whitman Massacre, having read about it and visited the historical site in the past, I found myself looking to see if I just hadn’t remembered the Flanagan sisters.  These are 19th century characters that feel so real, even when they aren’t. Continue reading


Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid (review)

abidingmercy_reid_thnelsonI thought I was done with Amish fiction for a while, but Ruth Reid pulled me back in with an unexpected premise.  Weaving together elements of mystery, faith, and a budding relationship, this is a book that I didn’t want to put down until all had been revealed.

The storyline is split between the past and the present as well as between Faith’s life working on her Amish family’s farm and in her mother’s restaurant, and the struggles of the kidnapped Adriana’s parents.  The tension is created not by the question of whether Faith is the kidnapped Adriana, but by how and when this will be revealed. Continue reading