Honor Redeemed by Christine Johnson (review)

honorredeemed_johnson_revellThemes of love, patience, trust, race, and constancy are woven throughout this story of a young woman’s journey from impoverished orphan with no prospects in 1852 Nantucket Island to open possibilities in Key West, Florida.

Faced with betrayal, Prosperity Jones seeks employment, finds friendship, and an unexpected suitor.  Her new life is not without it’s trials, however, as she is pressed into a situation that leads her to come to the assistance of the woman who usurped her place in marrying David Latham.

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you.  The fragment of scripture floated through into his mind, but what did it mean?  How could he love a man threatening to destroy those he loved?  Love him?  Bless him?  He didn’t know if he had it in him, but he could do nothing else. (p.296)

David has his own trials, as he attempts to retain his honor while faced with multiple issues sure to bring scandal and possibly end his career in the Army’s Engineer Corp.

Patience.  That was his advantage.  The lieutenant rushed and blunders, chasing his quarry away.  Prosperity was a skittish doe.  It would take patience to gain her trust. (p.249)

While I don’t seek out stories with love triangles, I occasionally come across a novel that involves multiple romantic possibilities, of which this is one.  While events surrounding the circumstances and relationships in this story were predictable at times, it was an enjoyable and satisfying read that left me wondering what would have happened if certain aspects had unfolded differently.

I enjoyed meeting the characters that continued on from the first book of the series, Love’s Rescue, which I have yet to read.   Rather than make me feel that I was missing something or had their story “spoiled” as a reader, the way they were included made me intrigued to go back and read their story.

If you enjoy Historical Romance with a healthy emphasis on the faith aspect of the characters’ journeys, this series is definitely worth a look.  As much as I love discovering new authors, I equally love discovering established authors with a nice back list of books.  I look forward to spending time with more of Christine Johnson’s fiction.

From the Publisher:

Her future – and her heart – hang in the balance.

Two years ago, Prosperity Jones waved farewell to her beloved David as the army sent him to faraway Key West. Now with her parents gone, she has but one prospect for the future: make the dangerous journey from Nantucket to Key West to reunite with David and secure a happier life.

But when Prosperity arrives penniless in the South, she is dismayed to find David has not been eagerly awaiting their reunion. In fact, he is married to someone else. Scrambling to survive and nursing a broken heart, Prosperity gains the friendship–and the affection–of a kind doctor. Could he be the answer to her loneliness? Or will her life be upended by circumstance yet again?

With a deft hand, Christine Johnson fills the senses with the sights, sounds, and smells of Key West in this heartwarming story of honor lost, honor redeemed, and a love forged in adversity.

Honor Redeemed (Keys of Promise, #2) by Christine Johnson | Revell, July 2016 | paperback, 352 pages

I voluntarily received a finished copy for review from the publisher’s Revell Reads blogger program.  All opinions expressed are my own.