Worth the Wait by Karen Witemeyer, A Ladies of Harper Station Novella (review)


This novella is an endearingly sweet story of emotional healing and steadfast love.

As the shopkeeper in Harper’s Station, Victoria (Tori) Adams is among the staunchest advocates for keeping men out of the women’s colony.  A chance encounter while on a business outing with her son and Benjamin Porter, one of the men currently “approved” by the ladies of the colony, leads Tori to confront her past and to share it with Ben.  Her growing trust in him, and the devotion he shows to her and her son, make for a very sweet storyline as their simple business outing leads to complications and a bit of adventure.

Getting kicked in the head seemed to have advanced his wooing.  He could live with temporary pain if it helped him claim a permanent hold on the woman he loved. (56%)

Ben Porter is a large man, with even larger horses, and the tenderness and understanding he shows toward Tori and her son are just wonderful.  Moments of amusement abound (well, about as much as something can in a novella without becoming tedious) with his equine comparisons of Tori and winking references to his muscles.  Ben is that breed of man found in historical westerns that have the ability to love unconditionally and treat those he loves with tenderness, but remain tough enough to withstand great personal dangers.

When she finally had the wherewithal to look him in the face again, the teasing look in his pain-filled eyes nearly toppled her onto her backside.

“Knew you liked my muscles.” (52%)

This is a sweet story that left me smiling, as Tori learns to let go of her secrets and see the steadfast love waiting patiently for her in one muscle bound freighter.  A worthy follow-up to No Other Will Do (read my review here) that left me even more anxious to read the second Ladies of Harper’s Station novel, Heart on the Line (review to follow).

From the Publisher:

Benjamin Porter is one of only two men allowed inside the women’s colony of Harper’s Station, Texas. A freighter by trade, he works closely with local shopkeeper, Victoria Adams, to transport the colony’s goods to market. But it is more than profit that keeps him coming back. He’s fallen hard for the shopkeeper and her son. Tori is brave, beautiful, and a savvy entrepreneur–the ideal partner not only for his business but for his life. Too bad she’s under the impression that a man, any man, is the last thing she needs.

Despite Ben’s consistent kindness, Tori continues to hold him at a distance. His towering height and muscular frame, while attractive, are also dangerous. And she’s faced dangerous men in the past and vowed never again.

After Ben convinces Tori to partner with him in a new venture, delivering goods to area farms and ranches, he finally has a chance to woo her in earnest. But when an accident derails his plans, what once was a chance at love may be lost forever.

Worth the Wait, A Ladies of Harper’s Station Novella by Karen Witemeyer | Bethany House, January 2017 | ebook, 113 pages


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