When Love Arrives by Johnnie Alexander (review)

whenlovearrives_alexander_revellAfter reading Where She Belongs (read my review here) I was intrigued to read the redemption story of Brett Somers.  He was pretty unlikeable in the first of the Misty Willow novels, but I was interested to see how his story would pan out.  And it panned out in unexpected ways. Continue reading


Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano (review)

behindthescenes_turano_bethanyhouse.jpgAfter being introduced to a small group of ladies relegated to being wallflowers in the prequel novella, At Your Request (read my review here), I was excited to delve into the first full-length Apart From the Crowd novel.  This was a must read, in great part due to my personal love of the name Permilia (though I prefer the spelling of my French-Canadian great-grandmother’s name ‘Permelia’).

“I’m not wearing any shoes, so it’s highly unlikely I hurt you, but–” she bit her lip–“I will apologize for kicking you.  I’ve never been prone to violence before, but…something about you seems to bring it out in me.”

The corners of his lips began to twitch.  “Should I take that as a compliment?”

“I don’t believe so.” (p.120)

Jen Turano’s humor shines through her fiction, and she tends to Continue reading

Honor Redeemed by Christine Johnson (review)

honorredeemed_johnson_revellThemes of love, patience, trust, race, and constancy are woven throughout this story of a young woman’s journey from impoverished orphan with no prospects in 1852 Nantucket Island to open possibilities in Key West, Florida.

Faced with betrayal, Prosperity Jones seeks employment, finds friendship, and an unexpected suitor.  Her new life is not without it’s trials, however, as she is pressed into a situation Continue reading

Worth the Wait by Karen Witemeyer, A Ladies of Harper Station Novella (review)


This novella is an endearingly sweet story of emotional healing and steadfast love.

As the shopkeeper in Harper’s Station, Victoria (Tori) Adams is among the staunchest advocates for keeping men out of the women’s colony.  A chance encounter while on a business outing with her son and Benjamin Porter, one of the men currently “approved” by the ladies of the colony, leads Tori to confront her past and to share it with Ben. Continue reading

His Guilt by Shelley Shepard Gray (review)

hisguilt_gray_avoninspireI wasn’t sure exactly what to expect with the second book in the Amish of Hart County series, but it exceeded any expectations I may have had.  Now, I’m still not a huge fan of Suspense and Amish books have their difficulties, but Shelley Shepard Gray is turning me into a definite fan of this sub-genre mash-up of Amish Romantic Suspense (or at least her version of it). Continue reading