The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson (YA review)

thenobleservant_dickerson_thnelsonThe Goose Girl is a fairy tale that I have found more of an appreciation for after reading a full version of it as an adult, so the minute I learned that Melanie Dickerson’s new novel was to be a retelling, I became excited about it.  As usual, she did not disappoint.

While honoring the basic framework and characters of the original, Dickerson has enlarged and improved upon the traditional story.  Creating characters and events that are realistic while still retaining a bit of that fairy tale feel, there is quite the adventure in store for the sheltered Lady Magdalen and the young Duke, Steffan. Continue reading


Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter (review)

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter, Summer Harbor #3I thought the first book in the Summer Harbor series was just okay, then I adored the second book in the series, The Goodbye Bride (review here).  However, both books left me wanting to know what had happened between Aunt Trudi and the Sheriff, and what would happen between the youngest Callahan brother and his best friend Paige.  Just a Kiss was well worth the wait.  It left me entertained, satisfied, and possibly a bit more informed. Continue reading

Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelley Irvin (review)

uponaspringbreeze_irvin_zondervanI picked this book up to read a bit late in the evening and then could not put it down.  Not something I typically expect from an Amish novel, but I found myself forsaking any hope of a critical reading as the story was so touching that I just had to know how all of the struggles and complications would work out.  I didn’t even care that most of the story takes place in winter, despite any expectations set by the title. Continue reading