Dangerous Testimony by Dana Mentink (review)

dangeroustestimony_mentink_harlequinI’ve been curious about Dana Mentink’s books, having seen rave reviews for her romantic comedies, so I was excited when she offered a free copy of her newest romantic suspense novel to some of her newsletter subscribers. Suspense isn’t one of my preferred genres, but so far I’ve found the Love Inspired Suspense line from Harlequin suits me just fine. This was no exception.

Written with small touches of humor, thankfully, this is actually the fourth in the inspirational Pacific Coast Private Eyes series. Named for the investigative company that their family runs, each Gallagher sister is in the spotlight as danger comes her way. I have a feeling that if I had read the previous books (which I don’t think is 100% necessary, but would enhance the reading experience), I would be even more thrilled to read this entry in the series. Particularly to see how Marco, an employee of Pacific Coast Private Eyes, overcomes his reservations about romancing his friend’s widow.

This is edge of your seat suspense and excitement, with plenty of danger. Candace is no shrinking violet, and Marco is one tough former Navy SEAL who knows he isn’t invincible and is quick to call on his former SEAL team for help.

He’d always known that fear did not come from God, which was why he’d never allowed it to enter into his thinking. But lately there’d been tingles of uncertainty, like the cold breeze that blew in before a storm. What if he failed this time? The stakes were so unimaginably high. (p.92)

I greatly enjoyed the writing style, and appreciated how naturally the faith element was woven in so intentionally. I was also impressed with how often this book comes back to the verse given as the epigraph (2Timothy 1:7), without ever feeling forced.

And that’s what courage is, she thought suddenly. It wasn’t denying the fear or refusing to acknowledge the thing that made your soul quake with fright, it was hanging on to God and trusting Him to walk you through. (p.197)

Dana Mentink is known for featuring dogs in her fiction, and dog lovers are sure to enjoy Bear, Marco’s intelligent and well trained canine friend. Those of you (okay, us) who aren’t really dog people will find that, while Bear is an important character, he is a minor one that is not given too much emphasis.

Another aspect I really enjoyed was the small band of secondary characters that make up Marco’s former SEAL team. I do love a good group that lightens the tone of a novel, and reveals another side of a main character. What they eventually reveal about Marco is priceless.

If you enjoy Romantic Suspense, or are willing to give it a go, then Dangerous Testimony is a great choice. I must admit that Romantic Suspense is growing on me, particularly with Navy SEALs as the heroes.

Dangerous Testimony, a Pacific Coast Private Eyes novel by Dana Mentink | Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense, April 2017 | paperback, 218 pages (ebook & larger print available)

This review refers to a finished copy received from the author in a newsletter giveaway. No review was required and all opinions expressed are my own.


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