Monthly Recommendations: OTP

Only a few hours left in the month?  Must be time for me to finally get around to sharing my list of recommended reads.  This topic, though, has me feeling O.L.D.  I don’t “OTP” or “ship,” but here goes… nothing fancy, just a super quick list (yep, thinking these up as I type) of some of the characters I love as couples in books I would recommend:

bookofthree_alexander_squarefish_henryholtTaran & Eilonwy

I have pictured these two as a couple since I first read Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain series back in sixth grade – and that is over thirty a long time.  They have a bit of the Ron & Hermione thing going on, where she is quite a bit more clever and he is charmingly inept.

princessbrideButtercup & Westley

More the movie than the book, honestly, but they are one of my favorite couples and I adore The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  Nothing can stop true love.

lovebytheletter_jagears_bethanyhouseDex & Rachel

So, I was listening to my library’s online audio version (with excellent narration by Pilar Witherspoon) of Melissa Jagears’ A Bride For Keeps, and as much as I love Everett & Julia together, it reminded me of how wonderful it is not only to see Dex & Rachel’s romance begin in the novella Love by the Letter* but to experience them as a couple later in their relationship throughout the Unexpected Brides series.

  nootherwilldo_witemeyer_bethanyEmma & Mal

Thinking of how Dex & Rachel knew each other from childhood led me to think of another couple who met as children and were destined to find love.  From the moment Emma discovers a homeless young Malachi in her barn, she claimed him.  He left when his feelings grew too strong, but returned the moment she needed him.  This is where I decide to limit myself to one book per author, because Karen Witemeyer has written some great couples and I could definitely add some of her titles other than No Other Will Do.

enchantedapril_instagram_bookworlderyvetteEveryone plus A Certain Couple

Cryptic enough?  I don’t want to spoil a wonderful book (and there is an excellent movie version), but I love all of the various relationships as they evolve in the wonderful novel from 1922, The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim.  It is, as Lotte says, a “tub of love,” and for this list there was one pairing that stood out for me.  No names…

And finally, a sort-of love-triangle:

intothefree_cantrell_tnzMillie & ?

There are two love interests for young Millie Reynolds in Julie Cantrell’s Into the Free, one is a gypsy boy River and the other a cowboy called Bump.  Such a heartbreaking story that the reader longs for Millie to find some happiness, and I knew who I wanted her to find happiness with.   But again, spoilers… I’m hoping that March will be the month I continue Millie’s story in When Mountains Move.

I do love a good romance, or books that include potential for romance, so there are many more I could have listed.  What about you, what is one of your favorite couples in a book you would recommend?

*Love by the Letter by Melissa Jagears is available on Amazon as a free e-novella and can be purchased in print as part of With All My Heart Romance Collection: Five Novellas of Living Love to the Fullest.

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