Wishful Thinking: 2017 Resolutions & what (hopefully) to expect on bookworlder

I don’t usually make big New Years resolutions, but I’ve got a major book hang-over from 2016 in the form of unread books – what I like to call Mount Must Read.  On top of unread purchased books, there are 80-ish (see picture below) that I received for review, won in giveaways (I’m an admitted giveaway junkie – GoodReads, BookLikes, Twitter, Instagram, blogs…), or received as an Influencer/Street Team member.


So, here are some bookish goals and a few things I’m hoping to accomplish on the blog this year:




  • Catch up on books received in 2016 for review, as an influencer/street team member, or won in a giveaway – aiming for the end of July 2017 – in no specific order and review them under the auspices of “better late than never.” 
  • Prioritize any that are received in 2017, or are being newly published in 2017.
  • Request, accept, and enter with more restraint.  Saying “no” is not the problem, saying “yes, please!” is.


  • Read more Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Read more literary and classic fiction – particularly classic and not so classic books written or set in the early 1900’s.  I feel quite drawn to books of the 1930’s and to authors, such as D.E. Stevenson, who began publishing in that decade.
  • Read more non-fiction.  I started out the year by winning a giveaway of a non-fiction book (a bit of a streak, it is the fifth non-fiction title I’ve won in the past few months).
  •  Read more of the books I’ve purchased, particularly the series that are sitting unfinished on my shelves.


Time and energy work against me when it comes to improving the look of this blog (and along with health are a good part of the reason the goals listed above are necessary for 2017), but I hope to improve the content in the coming year.  Towards that end, here are the types of posts I’m hoping to add:

  • Featured Book posts – where I get to “fan-girl” about books received as an Influencer/Street Team member rather than write a balanced review (though I can’t promise not to point out any issues I have with a book as gently as possible).
  • Cookbook Reviews – putting my Certificate of Culinary Arts to use after 20+ years
  • Occasional Crafting/How-To Book Reviews 
  • More Board Book and Picture Book reviews – with 6 great-nieces and nephews ranging from under 2 months to almost 5 years old, this was bound to happen…
  • Small Bookstore Visits – I plan to explore Oregon’s small bookstores, town by town, and share them with you in a blog post, along with any other interesting stops I find.  I’m hoping to post these monthly, and to throw in book related destinations like the end of the Oregon Trail and a Washington state town or two.  I might even start off this series with my favorite stops in Kingston, Washington.
  • More Discussion posts, likely with corny or punny titles (like this one) that amuse me in the moment.

Other than these goals, simply more reading and reviewing fantastic (refer to blogpost title) books with no set schedule.  Perhaps 2018 will be the year of the schedule…

What about you?  Is your book “hangover” from 2016 like my Mount Must Read?  What is one of your bookish goals for 2017?



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