Big Sky Showdown by Sharon Dunn (review)

bigskyshowdown_dunn_harlequinDANGER ON THE MOUNTAIN

When Heather Jacobs climbs a Montana mountain to pay respects to her late father, the last thing she expects is to be running for her life. But she’s living a real-life cat-and-mouse chase, trying to escape a punishing foe from her guide Zane Scofield’s past. How can a California city girl help outwit a ruthless criminal dead set on scouring the wilderness to kill them? Though Zane knows their pursuer and his nefarious motives far too well, he’s not sure why the man is after him now. Only his wits—and an unlikely partner in the determined woman fighting beside him—can save them. But Zane’s also battling a past that’s threatening to swallow him whole…and take Heather along with him.

◊   ◊   ◊

From beginning to end, this is a suspenseful adrenaline rush – a fast paced and tightly plotted action tale.  But beyond the running, hiding, and more running (endless running, so it’s a good thing Heather has a career as a personal trainer/pilates instructor) there are deeper things going on.  Like coming to terms with ones past, finding faith in adversity or witnessing faith in another’s conduct.  A major theme emerged quite soon of the importance of father figures.  The author brings this home, without hitting you over the head with it, by showing examples of both positive and negative father figures and the results of their influence.

As my first Love Inspired Suspense title, I loved the shorter length that is typical of these Harlequin mass market paperbacks.  This length, and the immediacy of the suspense and peril aspects, allows for the story to build and resolve in an evening’s worth of reading.  This alleviates the tendency I have to become too tense with prolonged suspense and reticent to pick a book back up to continue in a second sitting.

Some of the action was quite brutal (I wouldn’t have lasted an hour) and I’m not entirely sure that all of this story is plausible, but it does make for an exciting, action packed and entertaining read.  And that bridge on the cover?  That made for quite the perilous scene.

If, like me, you aren’t a big fan of suspense but do enjoy action and adventure, aren’t opposed to some peril and tension, and perhaps have become used to a lot of running by watching Dr. Who (if not, just take my word for it that there is so much running) then give a Love Inspired Suspense title a try.  If others are like this one, you might just enjoy them (or hey, why not start with this one as well?).  I know I’ll be giving more of them a try.

Big Sky Showdown by Sharon Dunn | Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense, Jan 2017 | paperback, 224 pages

This review refers to a copy won in a GoodReads First Reads giveaway, courtesy of the author.  The First Reads giveaway program encourages, but does not require, reviews.  All opinions expressed are my own, as was the choice to overuse the word peril.



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