Letters to Santa by Becca Whitham (novella review)

lettersfromsanta_whithamPublisher’s Description:

Army intelligence officer Alex Stevens has been trying to prove his father didn’t desert during WWII so his mother can receive survivor benefits. He’s followed every lead until it ran dry. Then Violet Poplovich, the daughter of another soldier who deserted at the same time as Alex’s father, walks into his office with a check she thinks came from the army. But the army doesn’t issue checks from the First National Bank of North Pole, Alaska. All Alex wants is the truth, and he wants Violet to help him find it.

Violet doesn’t want to believe her father’s a deserter, and she certainly doesn’t want to believe he’s been sending cashier’s checks for fifteen years without ever trying to contact her. Except maybe he has…disguised as Santa. When she receives some mysterious gifts, Violet is forced to consider that her father may be alive.

Both of them are looking for the same man, and the only person who can help is Santa.

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Had you told me that I would enjoy, perhaps even have as my favorite Christmas themed novella, a story set in 1962 involving a librarian and an Army intelligence officer, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  North Pole setting?  Corny.  Cuban Missile Crisis? No, thank you.  And yet it all works, and works so well.  Not only does the author give us a sweet romance and believable faith journeys but she manages to provide a bit of mystery, a believable past that links the hero and heroine, and character development, all in a short form.

The main characters charmed me, quickly pushing past my skepticism of the 1960’s setting.  Violet’s Jackie Kennedy hair and Alex’s square jawed good looks somehow brought I Dream of Jeannie to mind, not a bad thing at all though the actors themselves wouldn’t have quite suited the rolls (even with wigs).

5/5 stars.  Highly recommended since I enjoyed it so much, and will likely reread it soon.  Becca Whitham has gained a new reader in me.

Letters to Santa (O Little Town of Christmas book 7) by Becca Whitham | Amazon Digital Services, Dec. 2015 | ebook, 101 pages (also available as a 100 page paperback, published through CreateSpace)

I voluntarily downloaded a free copy from Amazon, during a promotional period.  No review was required.



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