A Candlelight Courting by Joyce DiPastena (short story review)


candlelightcourtship_dipastenaI’ve been reading quite a few Christmas-time novellas lately, and enjoying them.  The novella length is a nice change of pace from the usual 300+ page novel. But sometimes you need something just a bit, well, shorter.  And sometimes you need something medieval, with a sweetly heartwarming romance.  At a modest 70 pages, this was just the ticket.

The author has taken the basic facts of two people’s identities and circumstances from medieval times and imagined a different, and ultimately more romantic, development in their childhood betrothal.

Burthrud is determined to marry Meg, who now insists on being called her chosen “spiritual name,” Christina.  Meg/Christina has her heart set on becoming a nun.  On Christmas Eve, her father takes drastic steps to bring them together, intent on forcing his only child to marry.

As the story progressed, I found Burthrud to be an increasingly endearing and, once her motive was revealed, Meg/Christine became a very sympathetic character.  While a bit rushed for character development and with an ending that seemed a little abrupt, this story is wrapped up and tied with a sweet and romantic Christmas Eve bow.  It is simply adorable!

Recommended for a cosy, sweet and short Christmas-time read.  Particularly if you enjoy historical fiction set in Medieval times.


A Candlelight Courting: A Short Christmas Romance by Joyce DiPastena | Sable Tyger Books, Dec. 2013 | ebook, 70 pages

I purchased a 99 cent ebook copy on Amazon.


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