Monthly Recommendations: New-to-Me Authors

We’re well into December so it is time for the last Monthly Recommendations post of the year.  This month’s topic is “New to You Authors (2016)” so I’ll just give you a quick list of authors I would recommend that I read for the first time this year.  I’ll include links to the reviews I’ve posted, though this list will include two authors whose books I’ve read (at least one of) but not yet posted reviews for.  This list is not all-inclusive, just the rather slap-dash results of a quick glance through the books I’ve read this year looking for those with authors I hadn’t read before 2016.

morecs_dec2016So, in no particular order, here are some of the authors I would recommend that were new-to-me in 2016:

DAWN CRANDALL – Author of The Everstone Chronicles, a four book series of historical romances with cross-over characters.  Reviews will begin appearing soon.

HEATHER DAY GILBERT – Heather brings the women of ancient Viking Sagas to life in her Vikings of the New World Sagas series.  She generously offered ebook copies to me in an Instagram conversation, and I am so glad she did!  I’ll be reviewing God’s Daughter (book 1) and Forest Child (book 2 – currently in Must Read status) soon.

SANDRA ORCHARD – The Serena Jones Mysteries series began this year and though I’m not a big mystery reader anymore, I was hooked with book 1, A Fool and His Monet.  Book 2, Another Day Another Dali, is currently in my Must Read pile and I’ve added book 3 to my 2017 Anticipated Reads list.

MIKE NAPPA – Surprisingly, Mike Nappa is the only male author on this recommendations list and he is the author of a mystery/suspense series.  I usually shy away from “suspense” but his Coffey & Lee series is another that had me hooked with the first book.  Annabel Lee was released early this year.  Book 2, The Raven, is a recent release and another current resident of my Must Read pile.

MARY WEBER – Author of the Young Adult fantasy Storm Siren series: Storm Siren, Siren’s Fury, Siren’s Song.  I try to be very particular about the YA I read, as I’m no longer in the category’s target demographic ( and it wasn’t even a designated category when I was).  This trilogy is quickly becoming a favorite of mine in YA fantasy and I’m looking forward to reading the final book.

For the final two, I’ve saved authors whose books deeply touched my heart this year.  Even thinking of these author’s books stirs up some of the emotions I felt while reading.  I might need a tissue (or four).

JULIE CANTRELL – I read and reviewed Julie’s Into the Free (Into the Free, #1) and was so moved by it that I haven’t been able to start the second book yet.  It is in my Must Read pile and I will read and review it soon, along with any other book of hers I can get my hands on (of which I happen to have one more in my Must Read pile – Yay!).

CATHERINE WEST – I read and reviewed Catherine’s The Things We Knew earlier this year. I cannot recommend this book highly enough and I instantly added her (unrelated) 2017 release to my list of Anticipated Reads.

There are quite a few other new-to-me authors that I enjoyed this year, but I couldn’t include them all (like Rachel Hauck with her fun Royal Wedding series that I recently reviewed, ending with A Royal Christmas Wedding).  I feel a bit guilty, playing favorites this month, so I’m going to sneak just one more in:

LAURIE ALICE EAKES – With her first contemporary, The Mountain Midwife, this author made me reconsider my feelings about contemporary romance novels (and midwife books – though I still can’t forgive Oprah for that one I read on a plane *shudders*).  Luckily, she has a whole back catalog of historical romance novels (Yay!) and I have a new release as well as two from her back catalog now physically waiting for me on a shelf.

Monthly Recommendations is a GoodReads group of bloggers and YouTube content creators started by Kayla of Kayla Raines and Trina from Between Chapters.  Check out the group for links to blogposts and videos with more recommendations and join in on the conversations.

Books mentioned above include some that were received without charge from the publishers or authors in exchange for an honest review.  Individual statements regarding the source of each book are or will be made in the reviews.


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