A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck (quick review)

aroyalchristmaswedding_hauck_zondervanFrom the Back Cover:

Avery Truitt aches for true love – the kind she once shared with Prince Colin.  Can she dare hope for happily ever after, or is a fairy-tale ending beyond reach?

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What a wonderful ending to a series of modern day fairytales, circling back to characters who first met and fell in love in the first book of the series.  But, five years on from the events of Once Upon a Prince, the Truitt family has had its share of heartbreak and returning to Brighton Kingdom for the Christmas season means that Avery will once again come face to face with the prince who rejected her.  

Once again, as with How to Catch a Prince, my bias against second chance love stories has been overcome.  Once again, this is a story with a charming couple who overcome internal obstacles and outside opposition to find their way back to love, with faith and a little heavenly intervention (God is such a romantic).  And once again, I found myself smiling through much of the story.  I loved the romance, the obstacles and how they faced them, the strong family relationships, the Madeline and Hyacinth Live! show segments, and the Brighton traditions that were introduced.  My one quibble?  That citizens of Brighton Kingdom use “Your Majesty” when addressing Prince Colin.  While I like the bit, and that he is humble enough not to accept being called Your Highness, it bothered me when Your Majesty was used as I think that mistake is much less likely.  But that is a minor, inconsequential quibble in an otherwise highly entertaining read.

Though it does share some of the same elements as the other novels and novella A March Bride, this novella definitely holds its own in this series.  While it could be read as a stand-alone, as any of the novels possibly could, I personally prefer it as an ordered part of the progression of these stories.  I would suggest that if you do read this as a stand-alone, skip the epilogue.  It will be best enjoyed after reading all of the series.

4/5 stars and so I’m saying that the series as a whole, without actually doing the math, is also 4/5 stars.  Recommended for those who love a modern fairytale with a strong  (Southern) heroine, a conflicted (European) hero, heavenly intervention (if you don’t normally read inspirational fiction – fairy tales usually have a paranormal element – think about it…) and a happily ever after where trust and faith are restored.

A Royal Christmas Wedding, Royal Wedding #4, by Rachel Hauck | Zondervan, Oct. 2016 | paperback, 240 pages

I received a copy for review courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan’s Fiction Guild.  All opinions expressed are my own (though they were better expressed in my head, and I had even worked in the title of book 2, Princess Ever After, before I attempted to type them).


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