How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck (quick review)

howtocatchaprince_hauck_zondervanFrom the Cover:


American heiress Corina Del Rey caught her prince once.  But the tragedy of war kept her too long in a fog of grief.  Now she’s shifting her life forward, reigniting her career as a journalist.  Still, nothing can relieve her of the secret and the love she carries in her soul.

Prince Stephen of Brighton is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors and a star rugby player, trying to make sense of his life.  But his days in Afghanistan with the Royal Air Command have marked him forever.  And he can’t seem to shake their dark shadow.

But when his brother, King Nathaniel, confronts him with a document the prince thought long buried and forgotten, Stephen is forced to face the pain of his past and the love he left behind.

With a little heavenly help, Prince Stephen and Corina embark on a journey of truth.  But when the secrets are revealed, can they overcome and find love again?

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In preparing to read a review copy of A Royal Christmas Wedding I’ve spent most of my week listening to library Overdrive audiobooks of the first three novels (and novella) in the Royal Wedding series.  Going into this, the third book in the series, there were several things not in its favor.  I loved the first book in the series, and I find that when that is the case the remaining books in a series sometimes just cannot match the level of enjoyment.  Journalists, heiress/beauty queens and rugby players are not characters that generally interest me (quite the opposite with journalists, really) and neither does the second chance at love storyline.  I also wasn’t sure about reading a third consecutive Southern woman/European man pairing.  And the “little heavenly help” bit in the description?  That wasn’t encouraging either, as this is not always well done.

I loved this book.  It may even rival the first book, Once Upon A Prince, as my series favorite so far.  As I listened to the audiobook, I may not have been smiling all the way through as I nearly did with the first book, but I did smile.  I also almost laughed aloud, and worse (since I was at work), almost teared up.  I was rooting for the main characters, and really enjoyed following their story as they struggled with the parts of their past that formed their current circumstances.  I adored the depiction of the very fairytale-esque heavenly intervention, the talk show appearances, and a small but pivotal scene of renewed faith.

If you have read the preceding entries in this series, you are in for a treat with this one.  If not, this can probably be read as a stand-alone, though I recommend reading or listening to the whole series in order.  I’m so looking forward to the next book, even though that means that the series will have ended, and the other Rachel Hauck titles I have on my shelves and kindle.

How to Catch a Prince, The Royal Wedding Series #3, by Rachel Hauck | Zondervan, 2015 | Overdrive library audiobook: Oasis Audio, 2015, read by Eleni Pappageorge, 11 hrs 26 min



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