The Warrior’s Seal (A Tox Files Novella) by Ronie Kendig (novella review)

warriorsseal_kendig_bethanyhousePublisher’s Description:

A Special Forces team is thrust into a war with the past to save the president after an artifact unleashes a deadly toxin.

Special Forces operative Cole “Tox” Russell and his team are tasked in a search-and-rescue–the U.S. president has been kidnapped during a goodwill tour. The mission nosedives when an ancient biblical artifact and a deadly toxin wipe out villages. Tox must stop the terrorists and the toxin to save the president.

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If you like action, adventure, contemporary military, ancient curses, a bit of archeology and a dash of romantic potential – jackpot!  Ronie Kendig has managed to pack all of this into one small prequel novella, introducing the characters and situations for her new Tox Files series.  Oh, boy, is this gonna be a good one.

The novella is action packed and might just need a reread before actually starting the first book, Conspiracy of Silence, to ensure that everything is fresh and clear in my mind.  The author has thrown a lot at the reader in terms of the characters, politics, etc. with a plot that revolves around Templars and an ancient mace with mythical powers of destruction.

You will start to like certain characters and dislike others, but be warned, not everyone will make it out of this novella alive.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy the action and adventure of well written Contemporary Inspirational Military Fiction.  If, like me, you aren’t a huge military fiction fan – this just might be a series to change our minds.

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About the Author:  Ronie Kendig is an award-winning, bestselling author who grew up an Army brat. She’s penned over a dozen novels, including The Quiet Professionals series and the A Breed Apart series. She and her hunky hero hubby have a fun, crazy life with their children and a retired military working dog in Northern Virginia.

The Warriors Seal (A Tox Files Novella) by Ronie Kendig | Bethany House Publishers, Oct. 2016 | ebook, 130 pages

This ebook is currently free on Amazon and other platforms – grab a copy and give it a go (I did!) 😀

The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson (review)

silentsongbird_dickerson_thomasnelsonFrom the Cover:

Evangeline is gifted with a heavenly voice, but she is trapped in a sinister betrothal until she embarks on a daring escape and meets brave Westley le Wyse. Can he help her discover the freedom to sing again?

Desperate to flee a political marriage to her cousin King Richard II’s closest advisor, Lord Shiveley—a man twice her age with shadowy motives—Evangeline runs away and joins a small band of servants journeying back to Glynval, their home village.

Pretending to be mute, she gets to know Westley le Wyse, their handsome young leader, who is intrigued by the beautiful servant girl. But when the truth comes out, it may shatter any hope that love could grow between them. Continue reading

God Bless Us Every One by Eva Marie Everson (novella review)

godblessuseveryone_everson_abingdonPublisher’s Description:

Keeping Christmas in Our Hearts.

Charlene Dixon—called Charlie by family and friends—is devastated at the recent loss of her job. For the last five years, the twenty-seven-year-old has blossomed as the activities director of an exclusive all-girls school. But when a misunderstanding with the headmistress leads to a pink slip right before the holidays, Charlie packs up her dreams and returns to her grandmother, Sis, who raised Charlie as her own in the mountains of North Carolina.

When Charlie arrives—broken and confused—Sis immediately puts her granddaughter to work behind the scenes of the local school’s Christmas play, A Christmas Carol. Charlie doesn’t always like working with Dustin Kennedy, the drama teacher, but Sis encourages her to take a deeper look at why the book by Charles Dickens had been written in the first place and what it could teach Charlie about the needs of people in their own community. Continue reading

Letters to Santa by Becca Whitham (novella review)

lettersfromsanta_whithamPublisher’s Description:

Army intelligence officer Alex Stevens has been trying to prove his father didn’t desert during WWII so his mother can receive survivor benefits. He’s followed every lead until it ran dry. Then Violet Poplovich, the daughter of another soldier who deserted at the same time as Alex’s father, walks into his office with a check she thinks came from the army. But the army doesn’t issue checks from the First National Bank of North Pole, Alaska. All Alex wants is the truth, and he wants Violet to help him find it.

Violet doesn’t want to believe her father’s a deserter, and she certainly doesn’t want to believe he’s been sending cashier’s checks for fifteen years without ever trying to contact her. Except maybe he has…disguised as Santa. When she receives some mysterious gifts, Violet is forced to consider that her father may be alive.

Both of them are looking for the same man, and the only person who can help is Santa. Continue reading

Mountain Christmas Brides: Nine Historical Novellas Celebrate Faith and Love in the Rocky Mountains from Barbour Books (review)

mtnchristmasbrides_barbourA Trusting Heart by Carrie Turansky

Home for the Holidays by Mildred Colvin

One Evergreen Night by Debby Lee

All Ye Faithful by Gina Welborn

A Carpenter Christmas by Mary Davis

Fires of Love by Tamela Hancock Murray

The Best Medicine by Lena Nelson Dooley

Almost Home by Susan Page Davis

Dressed in Scarlet by Darlene Franklin

This is a fun collection of novellas to read in the Christmas season, and it earns bonus points for having linked stories with gratifying cross-over of characters. And bonus points on top of bonus points for Pacific Northwest settings. Yes, I’m biased. Continue reading

Wrapped In Red: A Three Rivers Romance Novella by Meghan M. Gorecki (review)

wrappedinrednovella_goreckiAbout the Book:

A Steel City holiday romance sure to melt your heart.

The holidays haven’t been the easiest for Merry Grainger.  Five years ago, she lost her grandfather and got dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas.  Each season since sees her determined to avoid getting hurt again, and so she keeps a steel-like grip on her hopeless romantic heart.

Music used to soothe Sam Shepard’s soul until the death of his biggest cheerleader broke his heart, family, and dreams into pieces.  Now he’s focused on thriving in the city, and with the people, he’s grown to love –all to keep the hole in his heart from opening anew with every passing holiday season.

Thrown together by a church play and meddlesome family armed with mistletoe, will Merry and Sam unwrap their guarded hearts to let in the true hope of Christmas–and each other? Continue reading

A Candlelight Courting by Joyce DiPastena (short story review)


candlelightcourtship_dipastenaI’ve been reading quite a few Christmas-time novellas lately, and enjoying them.  The novella length is a nice change of pace from the usual 300+ page novel. But sometimes you need something just a bit, well, shorter.  And sometimes you need something medieval, with a sweetly heartwarming romance.  At a modest 70 pages, this was just the ticket.

Continue reading

Monthly Recommendations: New-to-Me Authors

We’re well into December so it is time for the last Monthly Recommendations post of the year.  This month’s topic is “New to You Authors (2016)” so I’ll just give you a quick list of authors I would recommend that I read for the first time this year.  I’ll include links to the reviews I’ve posted, though this list will include two authors whose books I’ve read (at least one of) but not yet posted reviews for.  This list is not all-inclusive, just the rather slap-dash results of a quick glance through the books I’ve read this year looking for those with authors I hadn’t read before 2016.

morecs_dec2016So, in no particular order, here are some of the authors I would recommend that were new-to-me in 2016: Continue reading