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I was tagged to do the “Intimidating TBR” tag by Shruti of This Is Lit (go here to see her responses to this tag, then check out her other posts!).  My TBR is huge if you include all of the books on my virtual TBR shelves, and it is overwhelming to consider all of them.  I’ve started mentally categorizing them as “must read,” “want to read,” and “read someday.”

To make completing this tag easier, I’ve  based these answers on books physically on my shelves or, in one case, on my e-reader:

HeartsMadeWhole_jodyhedlund_bethany.jpgWhat book have you been unable to finish?

A book that I’ve started, and will get back to eventually, is Jody Hedlund’s Hearts Made Whole.  I believe it is the third in her Beacons of Hope series, and while I really enjoyed her stand-alone Luther and Katharina, this series just hasn’t thrilled me.

I wasn’t going to read further in this series, but the premise of this one (a second chance for a character from the previous book) seemed promising.  I’m still hopeful and will read it eventually (I do want to keep my NetGalley score up). Maybe I’ll even figure out why this series and I just haven’t meshed as book and reader.

What book do you have yet to read because you just haven’t had the time?

childrenofmen_pdjames_myigOh, I could make such a long, never-ending list in answer to this question, but I’ll limit myself to just one: The Children of Men by P.D. James (chosen partly because Shruti included a P.D. James in her answers).

I saw the movie when it was out in the theater and really enjoyed it (Clive Owen was fantastic in the lead role), not knowing that it was based on a book.  As soon as I learned that it was, I wanted to read it.  I picked up this used copy from Powell’s last year (this image is from my Instagram) and have yet to open it.  I’m not usually one for movie covers, but I do like this one for some reason…

sirenssong_weber_thomasnelsonWhat book do you have yet to read because it’s a sequel?

Siren’s Song by Mary Weber is the third in the Storm Siren trilogy.  This is a YA fantasy trilogy

I received it through Thomas Nelson’s Fiction Guild for review, and immediately purchased the first two books to read first (and yes, I wanted to have the matching hardcovers).  I’ve read Storm Siren, but I’m waiting until I finish writing my review before reading the second book, Siren’s Fury.   I need to get on that so I can continue reading this trilogy.


13985 NoOtherWillDo_mck.inddWhat book do you have yet to read because it’s brand new?

I have two piles of books that could answer this – though some are now not quite brand new.  They are copies I’ve been sent for review, or because I won a giveaway.  So I guess I should just answer with the brand new book I received most recently.

No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer is one of my most anticipated reads for 2016.  This is “A Ladies of Harper Station Novel,” the first full length novel in a new series.

Karen Witemeyer is one of my “auto-buy” authors and I have read every book and novella that I am aware of her having had published.  Except, obviously, for this review copy I received from Bethany House.  I’m working my way to it… I am so anxious to read it.  The only problem is that then I’ll have to wait for her next book to come out…

What book do you have yet to read because you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?

I have several, okay six, unread books by Jo Walton.  In theory, I should love anything by Jo Walton.  In reality, the one book I have read so far (Among Others) just did not thrill me one bit.  I participated in a group read (with a GoodReads group that I’ve since left) and while others absolutely gushed over it, I was left a bit cold.  Eventually I will give another book a go since I’ve heard that her writing style can change from book to book.

ourendlessnumbereddays_fuller_tinhouseWhat book do you have yet to read because you’re just not in the mood for it?

Again, so many that are just sitting on my shelves.  The one that springs to mind, though, is Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller.  I’m actually a bit embarrassed to admit that it is still unread.  I bought the day it was published in the U.S. and have interacted with the author online, but it still sits on my shelf.

I love the cover and the premise immediately captured my interest, but I seem to have a slight case of dread… what if it doesn’t live up to my expectations?  What if I don’t like it?  What if reading it is traumatic?  Bad things might happen to the main character that I’m not prepared to deal with… so it continues to sit on top of my pile of  books that I most urgently “want to read” once I make it through my pile of “must read” books.

What book do you have yet to read because it’s humongous?winter_meyer_panmcmillan

I could say the Complete Illustrated Works of Shakespeare that I’ve owned since about 1988, but that would be predictable if you’ve seen any “big book” post I’ve done on Instagram.  I could also say S by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst, but that is more due to all of the footnotes and everything.  So I think my answer for this will be Winter by Marissa Meyer.  I pre-ordered it, I was super excited since I’d loved Cinder, Scarlet, and especially Cress, but it is such a chunker.  Someday I’ll get to it…


What book do you have yet to read becausetheheartgoeslast_atwood_prh it’s a cover-buy that ended up not having great reviews?

Margaret Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last was a cover buy based on the author’s name.

I have loved The Handmaids Tale since reading it back when it was a newish book (I think I was 19).  I loved it again, finding new depths of understanding, when I re-read it last two years ago. I have yet, however, to read anything else by her.  So, hearing that she was going to be visiting Powell’s on a tour for her new book, I was excited.  I rushed there after work through nasty traffic, listened to her being all wise and witty, and became the proud owner of a signed copy.  Then I started seeing the reactions of other readers over on booklikes.  Lets just say that I am now in no rush for this to be my second Atwood.  It just gets to sit all bright and pretty and signed on a shelf.  A souvenir of my meeting Margaret Atwood.  And that is something.

thequantumtheif_rajaniemi_tor.jpgWhat is the most intimidating book on your TBR?

Hannu Rajaniemi’s Jean le Flambeur trilogy.  Some day I’ll re-read The Quantum Thief so that I can then tackle The Fractal Prince and The Causal Angel, but even a re-read of the first book is a bit intimidating.  I might need to find the wiki and study it first…

I explained my reaction to my first reading of The Quantum Thief, at least I attempted to, in a “Tuesday Talk” discussion.


Whom do you tag?

I never know who to tag, so I’m going to skip this for now and just say “Thanks for the tag, Shruti!” and invite comments – What do you think?  Are any of these books that you’ve enjoyed and I should move them to my “must read” pile?  Are there any that should just, like a certain book I mentioned above, just stay on the shelf?

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  1. Your answers were interesting. I haven’t read Children of Men, either. There’s an old, battered copy of it in my library that sends me into sneezing fits every time I open it. I think I should buy it soon. Before 2021 at least, haha.😁

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