Tuesday Talk 4/12/16: Reading Novellas in a Series

This will be another quick Tuesday Talk to address the question “Do you read novellas that are included in a series?”

The answer: Yes!

Longer answer:

I love that novellas are becoming more common!  If you stick around long enough, you’ll find that I’m happy to read collections of novellas, but that isn’t quite the topic here (though at times those collections have novellas from a series, so it is related).  I read the novellas from series for a couple of a few reasons (maybe this won’t be so quick after all):

  • If I love the books by an author and there is a novella to the series about secondary characters then I think of it as a must read.
    • Example: Love By The Letter, #.5 in the Melissa Jagears’ Unexpected Brides series (review).
  • If an author I really enjoy publishes a prequel novella for an upcoming series, it is a must read.
    • Example: Melissa Jagears’ (oh, did I already mention her?) novella (review) for her upcoming Teaville Moral Society series.
    • Sneaky bonus examples of these first two reasons with that link – it is to a review of a four novella collection.
  • If I love a novel, and have to wait for a sequel, a novella lets me experience a little more of those characters and their world – maybe even learn some back story.
    • Example:  M.D. Waters’ novella Antitype from her Archetype duology (review).
  • If  I am curious about a hyped series, a novella will give me an idea of the writing and what to expect of the series.  This is helpful for avoiding a series that isn’t my cup of tea.  An example would be the Divergent series (but don’t tell my 14 year old nephew, I will lose serious Cool Aunt points).
  • If I am curious about an author, again a novella will give me an idea of the writing and what to expect of the author.  As with the prior reason, this lets me know if I want to pursue or avoid reading further.
    • Example: Last night I read the prequel short story to a novella series (I know, not quite the novella/novel example that would perfectly match this topic).  I followed Ann Christy’s new account on BookLikes before noticing that she was a published author.  So I headed over to Amazon to give her free prequel a try, reading the synopsis but avoiding reviews (I was not too optimistic, but trying to keep an open mind).  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Pepr, Inc. is a brief story of a human/robot match that is going sour.  I don’t want to say more – too difficult without spoilers.  But I will say that I think this would be accessible even to those who are unfamiliar with sci-fi or the usual conventions of robot or AI stories.  If I hadn’t already spent my book budget, and didn’t already have an April must-read pile that is screaming at me for only reading Pepr, Inc. last night, I’d already be reading Posthumous (Perfect Partners #2).   Go now, read the preview!  I got all fancy and embedded it below for you.


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