Wish List Wednesday 4/6/16, or Confessions of a Giveaway Junkie

I admit it, I am a Giveaway junkie. Giveaways are one of the primary ways I learn about upcoming books and, let’s be real, I just love winning them.  On booklikes.com, I win about 90% of the giveaways I enter, but I don’t enter many.  The GoodReads.com First Reads giveaways, however, are a different story.  There I win probably about 5% of the time, and I’ve won 39 times since I first discovered this GoodReads feature in 2013.  If you are doing the math, yes, that is a lot of giveaways to enter!

I resisted starting a Twitter account, until I learned you could win books there.  Probably not something I should confess, and I have grown to like Twitter beyond this purpose.  I’ve also won books on Instagram (love the #bookstagram community) and even twice on Snapchat (yay, Quirk Books!).

Now, when I first started entering giveaways, I was pretty indiscriminate – if I would have given it a chance as a library book, I entered.  I learned my lesson on that after two books that I would have given right back to the library, unread.  But since I won them, I slogged through the muck of those books and posted comments on GoodReads.  Then I went through and removed myself from many giveaways.  Now, I try to be a bit more particular. Sometimes, however, I win a book and have to wonder why I entered for it.  Just this week, I won a book titled The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power (Simon & Shuster, July 2016), and I had no memory of entering!


But it does sound good – with a tag line of “He only wanted justice.  Instead he got revenge.” – and I’ve been craving some fantasy reads lately.  And that cover!

Sometimes, however, I enter to win a book and it just sticks in my mind.  It doesn’t matter if I win or not, it becomes something I need.  Most recently, I’ve come across an upcoming release that has even tempted me to contact the publisher and ask for an advance copy.  But I’m so far behind in my reading and in my reviews, and frankly I’m lacking in the nerve department.  I am craving this book, and all I know is the description on GoodReads.  It calls to my love for fiction of the 1930’s, and to a morbid curiosity that some stories trigger.



Over the Plain Houses (Hub City Press, 5/2/16) is a debut novel by Julia Franks set in the Appalachian mountains.  It’s the story of a USDA agent sent to modernize a mountain community, a North Carolina farm wife, and her ex-logger husband.  It might be traumatic, it might be wonderful.  I need to find out for myself.

There is also a GoodReads giveaway for the third book in Beth White’s Gulf Coast Chronicles.   I loved the first book, The Pelican Bride (review), really liked the second, The Creole Princess (review), and I’m hoping to adore The Magnolia Duchess.


I’ve been anxiously waiting for this book, and it is scheduled to be published April 19th by Revell.  I’m anxiously waiting for my copy from the publisher (I’m one of 40 followers of Beth White’s blog that will be receiving a copy for promotional purposes) and I’m looking forward to sharing my reading experience.

There are, of course, more books that I am currently wishing I could read RIGHT NOW, including all of those mentioned in my “anticipated reads” Tuesday Talk in January.  Let’s leave all of those, however, for another Wednesday.  I have a stack of books that need reviewed, a growing stack (or two) of books that need to be read, and a pile of dishes that won’t wash themselves either.

Happy Reading 😀


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