Tuesday Talks 4/5/16: Reading Reviews

This will be a super quick Tuesday Talk, addressing the question “Do you read/watch reviews before or after reading a book?”

The answer: Both!

Longer answer: If I am thinking of buying or reading a book and I’m not sure, then I’ll read a few reviews to help me make up my mind.  I purposely look for at least one negative, to see if what bothered the reviewer is a big red flag for me.  I appreciate a good warning, but hope to avoid spoilers.

Reviews save me time and money, particularly when I’m ordering from bookoutlet.

I’ll also read or watch reviews (I often listen to booktubers while I’m at work) before reading books I haven’t heard of or don’t have on my current “must read” pile/list.  If I do have them on my radar, though, I’m less likely to read or watch, especially if I am close to starting the book concerned.

I avoid reviews of a book I’m about to read, as I don’t want to be spoiled or to have someone else’s opinion color my reading or inform my review.

I like to read reviews of books after I have read and reviewed them to see if others agreed or disagreed with my opinions and if they had a deeper insight into the story or characters than I did.

Want to add to the conversation?  Leave a comment or, better yet, join the Tuesday Talks GoodReads group!


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