Tuesday Talks, 3/1/16: Movies Over Books

Fair warning that some of what I am about to say may upset you, and if you are a super-fan of certain authors/books with devoted followings, I am about to be quite offensive.  I don’t mean to be, it is just that I have certain opinions that this week’s topic is leading me to express.  There are just some books that I prefer as movies (with some really hastily photoshopped images).  Here are the ones that come to mind:

dvdsThe Princess Bride – I love the movie.  I paid to see it at the movie theater at least 10 times when it was first released and could say every line along with the actors.  It was the first movie I ever owned on VHS, and an early DVD purchase.  When my nieces and nephews were old enough, I made sure they all saw it (and two of my nieces loved quoting Inigo Montoya’s favorite line to me, along with catch-phrases from the Animaniacs cartoons).  If movie fan-girling and fan-doms had been a thing outside of Star Wars in the 80’s, this would have been mine (this and Labyrinth).  So, naturally, I did enjoy the book when I finally read it a few years ago, but it could never eclipse the movie.

Dune – If you are familiar with the book by Frank Herbert and the movie, you are probably questioning my taste at this point.  I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but again it was a movie I watched many times (on cable) before reading the book. Because of the book’s length, I actually listened to an audio version from the library.  Due partly to that length, I prefer the movie.  Besides, it has Francesca Annis.  What I really appreciate about the book is that it enhanced the story that I knew from the movie.  I can’t help it, that’s just how I feel.

Cold Comfort Farm – Perhaps I need to reread the book by Stella Gibbons, as I did enjoy it.  But then, the book doesn’t have Rufus Sewell.  Enough said.

OZThe Wizard of Oz / Tin Man – When I was growing up, they played The Wizard of Oz – the one with Judy Garland – on network TV once a year.  I think it was close to Christmas?  Anyway, this was before DVDs, before VHS.  Because I’m that old.  I watched it every year, but never enjoyed it as much as my older sister did (partly because how much she enjoyed it annoyed me).  So I was in no hurry to read the book.  Then along comes Tin Man and I am, finally, truly hooked.  This resulted in me buying and reading the book last year.  It was darker, definitely creepier and quite different from the movie in surprising ways. (read how the Tin Man becomes a tin man and you will understand).  No surprise, though, that I prefer Tin Man to the MGM version, and the MGM version to the book.

Now to really rile some people up:  ANYTHING written by Neil Gaiman.  I don’t know what it is, but his writing and I do not get on.  Not unless it is expressed through a film-maker’s lens.  Be that as a movie, a TV mini-series, or (yes, please) a Dr. Who episode.  One of my three* most favorite Dr. Who episodes, The Doctor’s Wife, was written by Mr. Gaiman.  I adore it.  I would cos-play it.  Enough said.  Don’t hate me.

Tuesday Talks is a GoodReads group of bloggers, vloggers and others with a new book related topic each Tuesday.  I occasionally pipe up with my opinions on a topic, but not on a consistent basis.

*The other two being The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks, 3/1/16: Movies Over Books

  1. I’m sure I’m about to commit some sort of heresy BUT I (*shifts voice to a whisper*) prefer the Ang Lee movie version of Sense & Sensibility to the book. There. I said it. Do I need witness protection? 😉

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