Review: The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection

lassoedbymarriage_various_barbourThe Substitute Bride by Angela Bell

Bridal Whispers by Angie Breidenbach

Mule Dazed by Lisa Carter

The Sweetwater Bride by Mary Connealy

A Highbrow Hoodwink by Rebecca Jepson

Not So Pretty Penny by Amy Lillard

All’s Fair by Gina Welborn

The Colorado Coincidence by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Railroaded Into Love by Rose Ross Zediker

With a subtitle like ‘9 Historical Romances Begin After Saying “I Do”‘ you know you are in for some surprises.  The biggest surprise?  That this might be my favorite collection from Barbour so far.

The first story surprised me partly by being set in London and a country estate.  I enjoyed the story so much that I almost didn’t want to continue with the collection, fearing that the rest would not live up to it.  All Elliott wants to do is continue to work with clockwork automata figures (bestill my Steampunk loving heart).  He marries because it is time and his duty as Lord Carlyle, but he is not expecting the bookish Gwen, who is coerced into replacing his vibrant bride at the altar.  This story actually had me tearing up because of Gwen’s childhood Ugly Duckling book.

What follows are eight more thoroughly enjoyable stories, set in the 1860’s-1900 American West, any of which I would gladly read as full novels.  Maila marries her deceased cousin’s husband, Burton, to stop the appearance of wrong-doing.  Brax and Hattie are former childhood friends reunited when, as sheriff, he is forced to arrest her.  Tanner ties Debba up and drags her home to meet his ma.

He was an honorable man…for a kidnapper… (ebook, 37%)

Henry marries Katie, the mother of his brother’s son, for the sake of his family (the one story which needed a little editing as it seems to jump a bit and George’s age seemed a bit inconsistent).  Coral and Jackson are from feuding families, Mack marries Glory in a case of mistaken identity, and railroad missionary Noah must marry Molly or she has nowhere to go but back to the saloon.

4/5 stars.  If you enjoy shorter fiction, and Historical Christian Romance in particular, then this is a highly recommended read.


The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by various authors | Barbour Books, 2016 | 448 pgs | review ebook

This review refers to an ebook read courtesy of the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


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