Review: The Holiday Courtship by Winnie Griggs

theholidaycourtship_griggs_harlequinloveinspiredhistoricalHank Chandler is bringing his niece and nephew from Colorado to his home in Turnabout, Texas.  Ten year old Chloe, deaf since the accident that killed their parents, wants nothing to do with Uncle Hank, relying on 8 year old Alex and receiving comfort from their cat Smudge.  Eager to return to work at his sawmill, Hank decides that what he needs is a wife to care for his home and the two orphans.

Janell Whitman has been a teacher in town for four years, but has had no real interaction with the sawmill owner until he needs to register his niece and nephew for school.  Her past experience working with her own deaf sister leads her to become more and more involved with Hank’s household, and she ends up helping him in his search for a wife.

When Hank realizes that Janell is the woman who is best suited for the role, she rejects him despite the feelings growing between them.  Her past is in the way.  She will never marry or have a family.

Reading this sweet story, I greatly appreciated the growth of friendship prior to any romance between the main characters.  Janell’s back story was interesting to learn, and it was gratifying to see how everything came together at the end.  These are likable, though not necessarily easy characters.  Janell has quite the take charge personality, where Hank tends toward sarcasm.

This is a quick, easy read that leaves a warm feeling and though it is set and titled during holiday times, would be a nice choice year round. While not one that would make any “top” lists, it is a nice entry in Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical line and I would definitely consider reading more historical romances by this author.

This review refers to a review ebook read courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


The Holiday Courtship by Winnie Griggs | Harlequin Love Inspired, Dec 1, 2015 | ebook review copy


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