Monthly Recommendations: Trilogies

When I joined the Monthly Recommendations group started by Kayla Raines and Trina from Between Chapters on GoodReads, I thought I’d finally found a group where I could keep up on the topics.  Now November is almost over, and though I started a list on a post-it, I hadn’t managed to get any further until now… so here is a quick, very last minute #monthlyrecs list in no real order:

Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Singer trilogy, consisting of Dragon Singer, Dragon Song and Dragon Drums.  I read this trilogy after having devoured every other Anne McCaffrey book in my Junior High library (here is where I mention that it was over 30 years ago and you start doing that math…).  I have a nostalgic fondness for these books and recently found a vintage copy of each.  I’m hoping to reread them soon and find that their inclusion on this list is justified.

The Wild at Heart trilogy features homesteading three sisters who had served in the Civil War disguised as boys.  It is a fun “comedy with cowboys” inspirational historical fiction series from Mary Connealy that starts with the youngest sister in Tried & True (review), continues with the middle sister in Now & Forever (review), and concludes with the eldest in Fire & Ice (review).

My two official favorite authors in the Inspirational Historical Fiction are Karen Witemeyer and Melissa Jagears, so I couldn’t hit this sub-genre without including them (though I’m cheating a little bit by including a novella for one and excluding it for the other).

I discovered Karen Witemeyer through library e-books and the first novel of hers that I read was Short Straw Bride, which turned out to be the first book to feature one of the four Archer Brothers.  Stealing the Preacher is the second novel and the final part of the “trilogy” is the novella A Cowboy Unmatched, which is available as an ebook or as part of the A Match Made in Texas novella collection.  I recently reread these stories and hope to be posting a review soon (which I’ll try to remember to link to right about here).  I also hope to find the time to reread the rest of her books, as I now have all but two on my shelves.

unexpectedbrides_photobyYvette_bookworlderblogMelissa Jagears completely stole my heart with her first Unexpected Brides book, A Bride for Keeps, and continued to delight with A Bride in Store.  When the final book, A Bride at Last, was released I used it as an excuse to reread the first two books and post a review of the entire series (including the novella, Love by the Letter, which I’m conveniently not counting here).  When you read how much I adore this series, you can imagine how tickled I was (very, very pink) when the author tweeted out my review and when I saw that she had pinned it with what looks like my instagram photo and linked to my review on her blog there was very nearly some (inappropriate at work) squealing.  I get quite giddy when I find an author whose work I’ve enjoyed appreciates my review (and quotes or links to it – squee!).


Now for a quick list of a few trilogies that I really want to mention, but cannot yet recommend as I have not yet read the whole series:

The Last Policeman trilogy by Ben H. Winters – Hank Palace, a police detective, continues to solve crime when the rest of the world seems to have rather given up as an apocalyptic event looms.  Bonus – it is from Quirk Books, one of my favorite publishers.

D.E. (Dorothy Emily) Stevenson’s Miss Buncle trilogy begins with one of my favorite books about books.  A series I really want to continue with and am slowly buying because of the gorgeous covers from Sourcebooks.

And finally, Hannu Rajaniemi’s Jean Le Flambeur trilogy begins with The Quantum Thief, which I previously discussed but did not review.  All three of the books are currently on my shelf, and I plan to reread The Quantum Thief and continue with the series at some point when all other mental functions are unnecessary.

And that’s my list for November, just under an hour before December begins.  At some point I will come back and do all the underlining of titles and maybe some additional images and other fanciness…





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