Book Review: The Convenient Bride Collection

convenientbride_barbourbooksThe Substitute Bride by Amanda Barratt

One Way to the Altar by Andrea Boeshaar with Christina Linstrot Miller

Keeper of My Heart by Mona Hodgson

Blinded by Love by Melissa Jagears

Bonnets and Bees by Maureen Lang

A Groom for Josette by Gabrielle Meyer

Wedded to Honor by Jennifer Uhlarik

A Bride for Bear by Erica Vetsch

Have Cash, Will Marry by Renee Yancy

Each story in this collection of historical/inspirational romances left me smiling.  These “9 romances [that] grow from marriage partnerships formed out of necessity” are heart-warming tales of couples coming together, often for the sake of family and survival.  Whether it is an inheritance with a marriage stipulation, children who need a mother, familial obligation, a favor or medical need, these nine couples start out as complete or near strangers but find love in their unions.

Usually in this type of collection there are clear favorites, but not in this case.  Each story is distinct, even when they share plot points such as a father’s will requiring marriage.  Maureen Lang may have written the sweetest of the stories with a marriage in name only between a hat maker and a beekeeper, and Andrea Boeshaa with Christina Linstrot Miller may have provided one of the best fictional romantic leads in Jesse Waite.

Melissa Jagears, whose Unexpected Brides collection I previously reviewed here, had the most surprising story.  Having the romantic leads be a 47 year old “spinster” and a mature man,the brother of Rachel Oliver from the novella “Love by the Letter,” whose prior acquaintance consisted of debating controversial scripture was a refreshing change from the more typical characters found in romantic fiction.

While considering how to approach a review of this collection, several things became clear.  First, nearly everything I wanted to say in describing the stories would be a spoiler.  Second, that I would be willing to read more by any of these authors.  And finally, that I would like to reread all of these stories.  And those last two reasons are why I am giving this collection a high recommendation for anyone who enjoys Historical and/or Inspirational Romance and rating it as 5 out of 5 stars.

I read a review ebook copy courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

The Convenient Bride Collection: 9 Romances Grow from Marriage Partnerships Formed Out of Necessity, various authors | Barbour Books | 9/1/15 | NetGalley Ebook


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